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    car rental zaventem airport - rental car brussels airport

    Airport of BrusselsVisit Belgium by car isideal. Choosing strategi croutes linking one place to another, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes that this country has to offer. If you arrive by plane in Belgium, the easiest thing would be to try a low cost car rental at the airport Zaventem of Brussels. From the town of Zaventem, the capital city isonly 11 km and the car will be rentedeasilyreachit.

    Brussels, and the Belgiumspirit

    BrusselsBrussels is home to the European Parliament, is not very big, but it is a splendid city of art, very clean and well kept. Worth a visit the Royal Palace, the Grand Place - the central square with its beautiful city hall, many historic buildings and cafes where you can enjoy tasty a cup of Belgian chocolate - and yet the building thatis a bit symbol of Belgium, the Atomium , the Museum of Science. And thenyou can photograph the Manneken Pis - a symbol of the independence of mind of the inhabitants of Brussels - the statue of the fountainthatdepicts a childpees. A visit to the Museum of Comics, where there are famous people such as Tintin, the Smurfs and Lucky Luke, is a must. Multifaceted city, Brussels is a townrich in history, but certainly cutting edge. Here you not get bored: are a thousand things to do and see. Shoppers will find everything in the neigh borhood Dansaert place a dopted by designers, by designers and the most innovative artists from all over Europe where there are high fashion shops and trendy boutiques. Lovers of nightlife in Brussels rather not find discos decks, but small clubsadvanced and refined over the music often host in contemporary art events of great taste. A Brussels just have a beer and jazz is trendy. The best places to make a little nightlife are the parties to the Grand Place and the Sablon district, Ixelles and Marolles.


    BrugesWhole of Belgiumis a country that deserves to be explored and the car is without a doubt the best way: the highways work verywell and is full of greenery. Here the natural parks are the masters, especially in the region of Wallonia, and between one city and another, the distances are quite short. With a low cost car rental at Zaventemairport of Brussels, you can - once visited the capital - go to Bruges, in the picturesque region of Flanders, then head east to south to Ghent and Liege, Wallonia. Bruges attracts a large number of tourists every year with it squaint oldt own, is a towndominated by the timeles stranquility and peace. It is the best preserved medieval town in Europe and offers the visitor unforgettable corners between Flemish architectural details to great effect. Ghent in East Flandersis a charming town that is worth a visit and it is easy to reach by car crossed by a thousand channels, the ancient center of the European wool and it sport is second in Belgium, only to Antwerp. And then you come south to Liège - "la cité ardente" - capital of Wallonia, known for its football team, for beer - the Jupiler tha tis produced right here - and for itsparticular market, the Marché de the beatsthatruns for twomiles along the banks of the Meuse, the third largest river in Europe. Liègeisalso a city rich in history and art, the churches (St. Barthelemy), lovely squares (Place St. Lambert), buildings (Palazzo Curtius) and picturesque views.

    Given the small area of the whole nation, with a low cost car rental at the ZaventemAirport in Brussels, Belgium will explore really easy.