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    car rental brussels - hire car brussels

    the streets of BrusselsRentalUp is the best guarantee for all who wish to leave the hassle and stress of public transportation, moving with a convenient low cost car rental, starting from Charleroi Airport up on arrival with your flight, you have the freedom and independence to go where you want, when you want and you set the time to travel and visit Brussels in comfort.

    The artistic beauty of Brussels

    monument of BrusselsOf all the historical attractions that dominate the fantastic Brussels, the Atomium is certainly it is one of the main symbols and represents modernity. It was built around the middle of 1900 and represents a crystal molecule of iron magnified 165 times, was designed for the Expo in 1958. As for the squares, the most important, and you can tell the name implies, is the Grand Place, its beauty makes it one of the most beautiful squares in the world and this is due to the majesty of the colors. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and many visitors, tourists from all over the world, they go everyday to enjoy this show, to make the scenery even more interesting and attractive, there are two important buildings that make up the "fence" in this square:

    -The hotel de Ville, or City Hall;

    -Maison du Roi, or the royal family.

    With regard to the first building, it is a very c omplex structure, overlooking the Gothic tower and the "trappings" that can be seen on the main facade, feature is the statue at the top of the tower is St. Michael the Archangel fighting a dragon. The second structure is called in stead  "king'shouse" in French, but to be precise, in Flemish means house of bread was once made of wood and was sold just bread, but in the fifteenth century, was modified and renovated in style late Gothic. Entirely of stone was used as a residence for the administrative tasks of the Duke of Brabant.

    Continuing the discussion of Monuments, worthy of note is certainly the church of the Spanish community, this is the Church of Notre-Dame de la Chapelle. The structure was built in the thirteenth century, initially in the Romanesque style, but after a break in the work, the construction resumed with another architectural style: the Gothic Brabant (the work ceased between the XV and XVI century).

    An important place that attracts many tourists and visitors is the "Jardin Botanique", as the name suggests we are talking about the botanical garden, nature is obviously a master but there is a perfect union between man and environment: there are many salt multi functional perfectly placed in the context (often used for concerts). Tourists who want to get in the Belgian capital, can take advantage of the low cost car rental at the airport Charleroi of Brussels, and explore the city and the Belgium.

    How to havefun in Brussels and where to shop

    city of BrusselsBrussels is not only art and history, there is a lot of fun and every one will surely find something or some place that can make him enjoy good times and all places are easily accessible by a convenient and low cost car with this solution you will decide when you go, but especially whenyou get back. For those arriving by plane in the Belgian city,, through its subsidiaries, allows you low cost car rental at the airport Zaventem.The places there are certainly more interesting such as Chatelain and Dansaert, as well as being very moved are known spaces which dominate the streets, it is not simple bar, but what makes them special and attracts the tourists is that, suddenly, as if suddenly transformed into clubs. Another important area is surely the Bourse, here you can find two important and well known local. Shopping is a kind of dogma for tourists, the windows seem corners of paradise: lavish lights, bright colors and unique it emsseem to recall sirens designed to capture the attention of tourists sailors. The way that most of all offers a wide range of shops is definitely the Rue Neuve, department stores style "English" dominate the road to protect tourists, and therefore potential customers, the area is pedestrian-only, you can then park your rental car and indulge shopping. Another important commercial center is the "Galeries Royales Saint Hubert", the latter is not only a place to shop, we are talking about the first shopping center in Europe, and perhaps for this reason, the prices of shops within not are certainly not for everyone. Walking through the streets of Brussels on board with the hire car allowed you by RentalUp you will not be difficult to find shops or other places to buy, and every street, in fact, is full of windows  and the call is too strong to resist.


    The city then perfectly blends the modern with the old, fun with tranquility, a unique and magnetic.