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    Rent a Car in Brazil - Economic Car Hires in Brazil

    Brazil is located in South America and it is the largest country in South America. Its magnitude is also underlined by many people, well 193 million. The official currency of Brazil is the Cruzeiro, while the official language is Portuguese. Brazil is a wonderful land full of really beautiful cities and areas. Its territory consists of a vast plateau. In Brazil there are high peaks that reach up to 2890 meters (Pico Da Flag) and 2787 meters (Pico Agulhas Negras). splendid is also the most extensive river, the Amazon.

    Brazil: between places, monuments, beaches and fun

    Beach in BrazilIn Brazil, there are dozens of airports, like the one in the capital and other international of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo Guarulhos : once landed at an airport in Brazil, you will definitely need to take advantage of a low cost Car Rentals: RentalUp provides this important service. And after taking your car at the airport, or in the various cities through RentalUp you can start your journey to discover this beautiful land, which is Brazil.

     It a land very large, so we decided to make a list of ten places to visit. You can drive to a place: Iguazu Falls. A place crowded by thousands of people every day, with as many as 275 waterfalls of three miles! The biggest waterfall is to Iguazu Falls.

    Worth a visit then the extraordinary Rio De Janeiro, for its annual carnival, but also for the beautiful monuments and places: Po De Aucar, the stunning peak, and the Corcovado, where you can see an incredible landscapes. Christ the Redeemer is renowned worldwide: superfluous to describe it.

    Another place to visit is undoubtedly Salvador De Bahia: first for its beaches, and for its unique nightlife made up of people, young people, local, fun and lightheartedness. Also worth a visit is the Amazon and the Pantanal, as well as the National Park of Chapada in Guimarães, the most beautiful in Brazil.

    Other beautiful beaches are located in Paraty, surrounded by mountains covered by vegetation really nice. Finally, a must is a visit to Lenois Maranhenses, a truly amazing national park.

    Brazil between gastronomy and shopping

    Typical brasilian foodBrasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza and Goiana: shopping areas in Brazil are many, especially in these seven cities mentioned above. The downtown streets in these cities, especially in the morning hours (from 10 to 12) and in the evening (from 18 to 20) are full of people .

    The Brazilian cuisine is very good: typical dish of this cuisine is the "feijoada", prepared generally on Saturday and Wednesday. It is a dish made of pork, with the addition of blacks beans, smoked meat and sausage. Another excellent gastronomic is the churrascarias, a dish of meat big enough. Along the coast there are many restaurants that offer dishes with shrimp, clams, lobster and oysters.

    Brazil is also excellent for the beer: in fact, is defined as one of the best in the world along with Germany: there is plenty of cachaca, the famous drink as caiprinha and guarana. All degustabile at the many local evening and night in Brazil are thousands!