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    Guarulhos International Airport Car Rental

    São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport is the main passenger airport in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, formerly known as Cumbica Airport.

    The construction of the airport dates back to the 1980s and it is considered the biggest airport throughout the South America for its dimensions. São Paulo Guarulhos Airport, which has two terminals, guarantees connections to more than 28 countries, in addition to offering 100 internal flights. The updated statistics on the passenger traffic report over 40 million people in transit in 2018.

    Once landed, go to the car rental offices at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport, having previously booked your rental car on RentalUp website.

    Reaching the city centre with a rental car from theairport is easy: leaving the international airport, you have to take the Dutra-Pista Lateral, one of the two highways which connect the city to Guarulhos Airport. At the end of the highway, after about 15 km, turn right onto Av. Morvan Dias de Figuerido, following the driving directions to the city centre from here on.

    The total distance is estimated to be about 25 km. Depending on the traffic, you will take little less than 30 minutes.

    San Paolo Guarulhos Airport Car Rental

    São Paulo: points of interest

    Successfully completed the procedures for the car rental at São Paulo Airport and got into town, it is time to visit the main points of interest.

    One of the most important icons of São Paulo is the famous Avenida Paulista, immersed in the heart of the financial centre, where the high skyscrapers contrast with the poorest districts. Along Avenida Paulista you can find shops, restaurants, bars and hotel where to stay during your vacation.

    Among the city skyscrapers, tourists have the opportunity to find a pleasant surprise: the São Paulo Botanical Garden. With its 36 hectares, it hosts nearly 400 different tree species. The Jardim Botânico de São Paulo (this is the full name of the green oasis) has the merit of offering its visitors a 360° experience in the Brazilian wood, among palm trees, orchids and lakes.

    Within it, the Botanical Garden also hosts the Museum dedicated to João Barbosa Rodrigues. The greenest attraction in São Paulo is in the district of Vila Água Funda, and precisely near the Avenida Miguel Estéfno.

    Another point of interest you must visit in São Paulo is the Municipal, the biggest market in the Brazilian city. The Mercado Municipal is stormed every day (and especially in the weekend) by local people and foreign tourists: it is the ideal place where to buy one or more of the local specialties. On average, the Municipal market has around 50 thousand visitors per week.

    If you have never visited São Paulo, maybe you do not know that this city, among the most important ones in Brazil, has an entire district dedicated to the Japanese culture. Its name (Quartiere Liberdade) could make confusion: here there is, indeed, the biggest Japanese community in the world, beyond the borders of the Rising Sun.

    Recently, Quartiere Liberdade has known a new expansion thanks to the arrive of the Chinese and Korean communities. Therefore, rather than a Japanese district we should speak about a true Asian Town in Brazil. We suggest you to visit it in the weekend: it is just south of the old town, near the districts of Cambuci, Sè and Bela Vista.

    Beco do Batman
    Estaiada Bridge

    São Paulo: art and culture

    São Paulo offers also many interesting historical-artistic monuments, that you will admire taking advantage of the car rental service from São Paulo Airport, such as the monumental Cathedral named after Our lady of the Assumption and St. Paul.

    Visitors are amazed by its dimension: it is no coincidence that it is the fifth biggest Gothic cathedral in the world. Its construction dates back to the late XVI century. It owes its current aspect to the work completed in the early XX century, which replaced the previous baroque style wanted by the Archdiocese of São Paulo in the XVIII century.

    The scholars of art underline that the monumental Cathedral of São Paulo is inspired by the famous Florence Cathedral. It is enough one fact to get an idea of its dimensions: the maximum capacity is 8.000 people.

    Along the Avenida Paulista there is the São Paulo Museum of Art, also known with the acronym MASP. Once inside, you will soon realize to be in a special place: from Raffaello to Botticelli, including Bellini and Mantegna, the works by Italian artists are side by side with those of other great masters of art such as Dali, Picasso and Matisse.

    A whole area of the Museum of Art is dedicated to the two artistic movements of Impressionism and Post Impressionism, with the paintings by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet and Cezanne. The MASP of São Paulo is worldwide considered as the most important art museum throughout the countries of the Southern America.