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    Rent a car Fortaleza Airport - Low cost car hire Fortaleza

    Airport Fortaleza - Pinto MartinsBrazil is one of the most popular tourist destinations and, it given the wide range of tourist attractions, the demand is set to increase further in the coming years.

    The distances in Brazil are quite high: the same perimeter of Fortaleza, for example, it covers an area of over 300 square kilometers and offers to the tourist something like 34 kilometers of beaches. Better programming directly from home, therefore, the cheap Rental Car at International Airport Fortaleza Pinto Martins, which it is located six kilometers far away from the capital.

    Go to the beach in Fortaleza

    Monuments of FortalezaNow begins the real vacation you just have to choose the daily schedule. The first beach to visit is Praia de Iracema, the most frequented by tourists, full of clubs, bars, day and night life. Without a doubt, the perfect place to really begin to live in Brazil.

    A little quieter is the atmosphere of Praia do Futuro, a beach that stretches over five miles, where you can find the famous barracas, kiosks where you eat fried fish, shrimp and lobster at affordable prices.

    Taking advantage of the good idea to have rented a car at the Airport of Fortaleza, it is mandatory to go to the beach of Cumbuco, located 25 kilometers from the capital . Once in Cumbuco is a must experience the descent of the impressive sand dunes, as well as be easy to be attracted by the idea of those sports that just Cumbuco find the ideal conditions to be applied: constant wind but not annoying and long beaches are the frame, in fact, the practice of kitesurfing and windsurfing, sports for which gather sailors from around the world.

    About 300 miles to the north is the village of Jericoacoara, another tourist site, where sailing sports and entertainment characterize the days and nights.

    Fortaleza: the city

    FortalezaMust to see with your car hire is the Beach Parkwater park offering stunning sights, to spend a day with high levels of adrenaline.

    Obviously a lot more quiet will be the day to devote to visiting the city, starting from the Cathedral do Seand, whose architecture is inspired by the Cologne Cathedral.

    If, however, a building must characterize the city, this is definitely the Theatro José de Alencar, built in 1910 in Art Nouveau style and thought of as the union of a garden and a theater. The construction of the building, however, was possible only in the seventies of the last century.

    Not far from the waterfront is worth visiting the Museum of Arts and Popular Culture, where a small, but very well organized exhibition, will make a trip to the local folklore. Close to the town lies the Parque Ecological do Coco, a protected area where jogging or simply a walk in the countryside. And the evenings of the city ? Here, too, it is enough to choose from, drifting by emotions. But two places are definitely awesome: the Pirate Bar, described by the New York Times "on the evenings with local craziest of South America," and the Mucuripe, the biggest club in the state.