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    Rio de Janeiro rent a car - car hire rio de janeiro airport

    Rio De Janeiro - Galeao AirportThe beauty of Brazil can only be understood through a visit to the capital's main attractions, especially because it is there that manifest the culture and traditions of this beautiful nation. Therefore it's good to hire a car at the airport of Rio de Janeiro, since your car is the only means of transportation that allows you to explore the whole city without any difficulties and obstacles. Rio de Janeiro is a very large and modern city, but it also has historic buildings, must visit them to enjoy all their beauty.

    The Heart of Rio, downtown

    Rio De JaneiroThe city tour, after having hired a low cost car at  the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro-Galeão, it can start from the heart of Rio - rather "coração" - the center of the city, which hosts the main commercial activities and where the streets are teeming with people. The center of life in Rio is the Praça Floriano, the most important square, inserted in the district Cinelandia, in which there are the Municipal theater the Camara Municipal, which it is the seat of the town, the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Library; two buildings within them preserve much of the important history of the Brazilian capital.

    The vitality of Largo Carioca

    City of Rio De Janeiro The Largo Carioca is considered by many people one of the nerve centers of the city, because it makes the best of all vitality of the local people; here, especially during the carnival of Rio, winding the main parades on the backs of citizens floats that capture the attention of millions of tourists from around the world. In Largo del Rio is including the convent of St Antonio, highly revered as a saint comes from the Portuguese tradition. In addition, the convent, although it is a modest and not too flashy, has within it a spiritual charge that manages to capture the attention of every tourist. The Largo Carioca is also home to the Redeemer, the true symbol of Rio, the height of which you can enjoy an unique view.

    Another attraction in Rio, which reflects the customs and traditions of these people and this land is represented by beaches: much admired by Europeans, symbolizing peace and light-heartedness. The nearest beach is called Vermelha particular, because the sand is red, which is synonymous with passion and fun, hangout of couples in love. Another  famous beach is Copacabana , one of the goals required to fully understand the traditions and the vitality of Rio de Janeiro.