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    Rent a Car in Canada - Low cost Car Hire in Canada

    Canada is the second largest country in the world. Hiring a car is essential to visit this magnificent land. The best way is decide first to leave what to see, with attention to language: in the area of Quebec the official language is French, while in the rest of the territory English is the language most widely used.

    The territory is divided into four major regions

    Niagara Falls, Canada- The West region includes British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. It is an area of extensive grasslands, beaches and rocky mountains, great for holidays all year. For a summer by the sea, the coast of Vancouver is ideal location . Instead Calgary is a beautiful city close to the rocky mountains, great starting point to organize trips by bike or canoe. If you prefer winter sports, you can rely instead the ski slopes of Whistler. Each city has its own airport: choose your destination in advance and try to take advantage of cheap flights.

    -The Northern Canada includes Yukon, Nunavut and the territories to the north. Wonderful areas, but poorly adapted to the tourists: the summers are short, freezing temperatures and the population is poor. The few cities, such as Dawson City, have an atmosphere of border reminiscent the times back. The area is also populated by Inuit communities, with their peculiar culture.

    -The East of Canada consists of Quebec and Ontario. It is the most populated area of the state and very popular for tourists. There you will find all the major cities like Quebec City, Toronto, Montreal and the capital, Ottawa. Here also there are the Great Lakes and the Niagara Falls. Every big city has its own airport: it is just choose your favorite destination.

    -The Atlantic Canada includes the provinces facing the homonymous ocean like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and Labrador. Areas are surrounded by nature, full of villages of farmers and fishermen. It is a poor place of attractions, but with a great atmosphere and very hospitable inhabitants.