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    Dubrovnik – Äœilipi Airport Car Rental

    Dubrovnik – Äœilipi Airport, from the name of the municipality about 20 km away, has more than 2,5 million passengers transiting every year, a number set to increase thanks, above all, to tourism, which developed in the Dalmatian land. The airport is equipped with every useful service, from the duty-frees to the ATMs, from the exchange office to the lost-and-found, from the lounge room to the free Wi-Fi.

    Dubrovnik – Äœilipi Airport connects mainly the Middle East, the United States of America and Italy.

    The best way to discover the many historical and landscape beauties of Dubrovnik is the car rental at Dubrovnik Airport: you can pick your vehicle up, previously booked on RentalUp, directly at the airport, so that you can travel in complete freedom and unfettered.

    Dubrovnik Airport Car Rental

    Dubrovnik: points of interest

    Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the Adriatic Sea, thanks to its picturesque old town surrounded by city walls and declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

    Admiring the Gothic, Venetian and Baroque architectures, it is hard to imagine that Dubrovnik was bombed during the terrible civil war of the 1990s, followed by the break-up of Yugoslavia.

    Mount Srđ protects the city of Dubrovnik from the sirocco and bora winds, making the city a sunny shore with an amazing climate: from the top of the mount, reachable in just 4 minutes by the Cable Car, you can enjoy the most beautiful view over Dubrovnik, its old town with the red rooftops lightened by the sun and the city walls built between the IX and the XVI centuries.

    Thanks to the car rental service at Dubrovnik Airport, you can get to the base of the walls of Dubrovnik, which have been chosen, with other places in the city, as set of the famous TV series “Game of Thrones” it is 2 km long and is dotted by towers and fortresses which enhance its visual impact.

    If you would like to climb along the patrol walkway and admire the close Lokrum Island, you have to pass the XVI-century Pile Gate (from which you can reach the Stradun, the paved street dividing the centre into two parts) and the drawbridge and climb a monumental staircase.

    Following the walls, you can easily reach the Saint John Fortress, overlooking directly the crystal-clear sea: inside there is the Sea Aquarium and Maritime Museum, dedicated to the maritime history of Dubrovnik.

    Walking through the marble paved Stradun and through other streets of the old town of the Croatian Dubrovnik, you can admire splendid buildings such as the Church of Saint Blaise, dating back to the XV century and rebuilt in the XVIII century after the devastating earthquake of 1667 and the fire of 1706:  besides the Baroque façade decorated with Corinthian columns, heads of newt and cherubs, you can admire inside the statue of Saint Blaise, undamaged in the fire, in gilded silver with a diorama of Dubrovnik in a hand of the saint.

    The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary is beautiful as well, financed, according to tradition, by Richard the Lionheart to thank the Virgin Mary for the salvation from the shipwreck undergone on his return from the Crusade. Within the Cathedral, rebuilt after the earthquake, the relics of Saint Blaise and the Polyptych of the Assumption of the Virgin by Titian are preserved.

    Dubrovnik Old Town

    Dubrovnik: art and culture

    The XV-century palace Rector’s Palace is a splendid Renaissance and Gothic palace which, over its history, was first the seat of the Rector who reigned over the city and then arsenal. Nowadays, you can visit the prisons, the guards’ room and the offices of the figures who, between the XV and the XVI, ruled over the city in the period of maximum development. The Rector’s Palace hosts also the Historical Museum, rich in period furniture, portraits, original costumes, coins, artworks and emblems of the city.

    Then, you cannot miss a visit to the Convent of the Friars Minor, located at the base of the Minčeta fortress. The building expresses in all its splendour the typical style of Dubrovnik dating back to the XIV century: the cloister is its most beautiful jewel, surrounded by small arches supported by slender Gothic columns and stone benches, without forgetting the Gothic fountain with the statue of Saint Francis.

    The Covent of the Friars Minor includes within it one of the most ancient pharmacies in Europe, dating back to 1317 and still fully functional, and a monumental library where you can view incunabula, handbooks, illuminated codices and manuscripts recipes dating back to the period between the XIV and the XV century.

    The car rental service at DubrovnikAirport will allow you to reach Cavtat, the Old Dubrovnik, about 19 km from Dubrovnik. The town was founded in the IV century B.C. by the Greeks and, in addition to the picturesque sea promenade flanking the small harbour, the Church of Saint Nicholas, within which many works by Vlaho Bukovac, highly active between the XIV and the XX century, when Cavtat was under the Austro-Hungarian domination, deserves a visit.

    Palazzo Rettori