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    car hire in copenhagen - car rental copenhagen

    CopenhagenYou can feel an unmistakable joie de vivre walking through the streets of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. The city is considered one of the most livable in the world, big enough to be a city dedicated to shopping, culture and nightlife, but also small enough to be intimate, safe and easy to explore. Easily accessible by air from the major airports, thanks to the Rental Car Deals, Copenhagen can also make an excellent starting point for a journey to discover the beauty of the region of the 'Øresund.

    Copenhagen, the Danish capital

    Little Mermaid statue of copenhagenTo begin to taste the air in this bustling city we recommend a walk on Strøget, the longest and oldest pedestrian street in Europe. Do not miss the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, with beautiful sculptures and the art collections of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman. The museum was founded in the nineteenth century by the art collector Carl Jacobsen, founder also of the famous brewery. To learn more, visit the Carlsberg Museum. For a day out, thanks to RentalUp you can use the car hire in Copenhagen by visiting one of the rental agencies in the city, and head to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is located 35 kilometers north of Copenhagen and the Øresund coast is the most visited museum in Denmark. Inside you will find collections of modern and contemporary art, but the most impressive is perhaps the beautiful sculpture garden overlooking the sea. Back in town, you can not miss a visit to the famous Little Mermaid statue, just a pleasant walk from the historic center. If you are tired of walking, you can reach the quaint old port of Nyhavn and hop on one of the boats that will make you do a scenic tour of the canals. To reach the city from the other hand, thanks to RentalUp, you can hire a low cost Car at Copenhagen Kastrup airport.

    Copenhagen by night

    Copenhagen in the nightThe Danish capital is a city extremely enjoyable even at night. Your tour could start with fantastic Tivoli Gardens, the oldest amusement park still in operation. Besides the classic carousels and entertainment available to children and adults, the Tivoli is possible to attend jazz concerts, ballets and theater performances. Take a trip to Copenhagen Opera House and discover concerts in many churches. If you want real night life, know that Copenhagen is a city that loves to live at night, not then head to a club before midnight if you do not want to risk being the only patrons.

    Do not miss to visit the beautiful Copenhagen, taking advantage of the best low cost car rental provided by the site