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    Car Hire in Finland - Rent a car at low prices in Finland

    Breathtaking landscapes, nature, culture and above all unique phenomena such as the midnight sun are the characteristics that make Finland one of the most visited tourist destinations for travelers of all ages and from all over the world. In Finland you can easily reach by the flight of many companies and thanks to the low cost car rental at the airport of Helsinki Vantaa such as that offered by the network RentalUp, you can explore this rich and wild land. In Finland you can easily reach Italy by the flight of many companies and then, thanks to the low cost car rental at the airport of Helsinki Vantaa such as that offered by the network RentalUp, you can explore this rich and wild. Not to be missed are the typical dishes such as cakes made of rye flour, fine dairy products or vodka, as well as typical local objects such as jewelry, glass and hand painted fabrics can be purchased together with the most modern gadgets on the streets dedicated to shopping.

    Helsinki and other Finnish cities

     HelsinkiThe capital of Finland is presented as a modern metropolis but where green and peace coexist perfectly with the urban elements: Helsinki is a city to visit, to discover its monuments and its enchanting landscapes on the Baltic Sea. With typical Nordic architecture with essential features and dry, the city reveals a love for design is evident everywhere: do not miss the Senate Square and Lutheran Cathedral, as well as Temppeliaukio Kirkko church carved into the rock and is unique in the world. To attract the visitors are also two landmarks of Helsinki as the bronze fountain Havis Amanda and the monument erected in honor of the composer Jean Sibelius.The low cost rental car in Helsinki is the perfect solution to discover other cities in Finland, enchanted places where nature and culture are perfectly combine. It's worth a trip to Turku where you can visit the famous Castle and the Ars Nova, a prestigious contemporary art museum, and of course the island of Ruissalo located across the city. Is also worth visiting Tampere boasts the largest amusement park in the country and called Näsinneula the famous rapids of Tammerkosk, as well as numerous attractions such as the various markets where you can buy food and objects typical of the area.

    Nature and landscapes unmatched

    finland lakeVisit the Lake District is a must for anyone who goes into this country in which nature plays such a preponderant: for this purpose the network RentalUp for car rental in Finland is a great way to explore independently the territory. Attractiveness of absolute prestige, for example, is Saimaa which is not only the largest lake in the country but it is also home to rare species of animals. Here you can stay in one of the quaint cottages that Finns use the same for their holidays in contact with nature. Other destination of worship for nature lovers is the Lapland region of northern Finland that has snowy landscapes for six months a year and the spectacular play of light of the midnight sun in the summer. Here you can engage in original nature hikes sledding husky or reindeer (besides Santa Claus is a native of these parts!) Or enjoy rafting in rivers and canals during the melting season.