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    Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Car Rental

    Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the biggest airport in Finland. Located in the city of Vantaa, it is in a strategic position, since from here you can reach Helsinki city centre, driving for just 20 km.

    This airport, which is the 31st one for passenger traffic in Europe, was opened to the public in the summer of 1952, on the occasion of the Olympic Games. The first extension work took place at the end of the 1960s and today in this airport about 20 million passengers per year pass through.

    Among the airlines working in this airport, there are Finnair, which guarantees connections to cities such as Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, just to mention two, and Lufthansa, which covers the route to Frankfurt and Munich.

    Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Car Rental

    Helsinki: points of interest

    In recent years, the Scandinavian cities became a really appreciated tourist destination: it is enough to think, for example, of Helsinki, capital city of Finland. This city is, indeed, among the most popular ones in every period of the year, thanks to its artistic and architectonical beauties, that can amaze any tourist.

    Once landed in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and picked your rental car up here, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon set off to discover the most interesting points of interest that Helsinki has to offer.

    Taking advantage of the comfort offered by the car rental at Helsinki Airport, you can start your tour from Senate Square. This place is a hymn to the neoclassical architecture: in the middle of the square there is the statue of the Tsar Alexander II, one of the symbols of the controversial relationship with the close Russia.

    Sederholm House is very charming and is, nowadays, the ancient building in the city. It is worth a visit, also in Senate Square, to the Cathedral of Helsinki, which, such as the square itself, was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel. His distinctive mark is surely the green domes and, being a Protestant place of worship, inside it is rather austere from the point of view of the ornaments, but perhaps it is this that makes it so fascinating.

    The car rental service from Helsinki Airport will also allow you to reach fairly quickly the Market Square, from where you can then get to the Fortress of Suomenlinna; once defensive bulwark of the country, nowadays it a place of culture, since it houses six museums.

    Returning to speak of places of worship, you must include the Rock Church in your itinerary: it is one of the most original buildings all over the city, because it was literally built in the rock. Its realization dates back to the end of the 1960s and in very short time it became a symbol not only of the city, but of the country.

    Old Town Helsinki
    Cathedral Square

    Helsinki: art and culture

    Taking advantage of the car rental service from HelsinkiAirport, you can also visit Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, which is still today a clear example of the architectonical style of the Eastern Europe.

    The Finnishcapitalcity offers also many museums which deserve to be visited during your stay. One of the most important ones is the Ateneum, where some among the most important works of the Scandinavian art in general are collected. Among the most interesting artists, Ferdinand von Wright, who made the history of the Finnish painting, stands out.

    Moreover, you cannot miss the Natural History Museum: a few years ago, this cultural centre has been the subject of an important restoration work and it is worth to visit it. Lastly, if you are fond in modern art, you should take time to discover the Kiasma from the ground up. This museum was built at the end of the 1990s and has soon earned a place of primary importance among the places which make Helsinki a very interesting city from an artistic point of view.

    Helsinki Cathedral