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    Car rental deals in France - Hire a car in France

    In France there is not only Paris, in total there are 22 regions (the capital is in the lle de France) and it is really difficult to visit every place.

    The country in the north of the Alps is famous for its artistic beauty and its glorious culinary traction. Mountain landscapes alternate with the coasts, cities rich in history and modern metropolis make France one of the most popular destinations for tourism. To visit the length and breadth is very desirable to use a rental car at low cost prices in France and explore the wonderful sights.

    Towards Paris: Monuments, historical sites, shopping and food.

    Eiffel Tower ParisWe start from the Eiffel Tower, it is located the Champ de Mars on the banks of the river Seine, named after its creator (Gustav Eiffel), and was built in honor of the Universal Exposition in Paris. The over 324 meters high overlooking the City, is called "Dame de Ferre", this material is in fact the dominant one in all its forms, the 1,700 steps will test the "climbers" but it is of course possible to use the elevators.Another important monument is the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, another important symbol of French. It is characterized by a facade in Gothic style with very square shape and pointed pinnacles, the interior is, of course majestic, the nave seems endless and gives the visitor a feeling "mystical" just what we expected. The tower of the Cathedral is open to visitors on Sunday, but there are long queues because of the amazing view over the beautiful Paris. For those arriving by plane in the French city,, allows you to rent a car at the airport Paris-Orly or take, once landed, a car for rent at the airport Charles de Gaulle-Roissy. The most important museum is definitely the Louvre, it was formerly the residence of the kings and emperors succeeded over the centuries; currently houses a collection of largest works of art of the world and for the value , for both the spatial extent. definitely visit the most beautiful areas of the city including the Champe Elysees, Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Defense.

     For shoppers, there is no clear destination, Paris is famous for fashion, every street is full of shops and bright lights. Obligatory stop for the shopping is definitely the Rue de Rivoli, the prices are high but this is due to the exclusivity of the jaws of these stores. For those wishing to spend a few euro less, can move to or towards Rue Francois Mountains Avenue. French cuisine is known throughout the world, a typical product of the Alps is definitely the Camembert the tastier cheese for the French, then there is the Roquefort, in this case a cheese, but is different from the previous because spicy and is made with sheep's milk. Finally born in Paris Croissant Brioche and two "dessert" made of puff pastry, we Italians consider them suitable only for breakfast but in Parisian clubs are served as desserts.

    Orleans: City of the most famous of the "Joan of Arc".

    Cathedral of OrleansThere is another region close to that of Capital: Centre which has as its capital the famous Orleans. With the rental car in Paris, you can move comfortably and head in the town of Joan of Arc, its most illustrious citizen. The monuments have survived the bombings of World War II and the historic center is definitely the diamond Orleans, here you can visit the Cathedral of St. Corix (also in Gothic style as the majority of French Monuments), the Place de Galle (where is the birthplace of Joan of Arc) and the white Tower (which has the appearance of a typical enchanted castle).

    Lyon and Marseille: two fascinating cities

    Lyon by nightWith the rental car in France, you can explore all major French cities such as Lyon. First you'll visit Notre Dame de Fourvière, a lovely cathedral known for the paintings that adorn the aisles Then there is the theater and the ruins of the Romans, indelible mark of the great empire that dominated the East and West, the main structures are well preserved thanks to the work of archaeologists and professionals. The night is handling especially on the banks of the Rhone river and you can then spend the evening in fun local or Rue Rue Vauban Henon.

    Marseille is full of fascinating historical sites, is one of the best-known cities of France and famous for its majestic buildings.The first, not to be missed, is the Abbey of St. Victor, this building still an important place of prayer, was built on an old road of ancient Greece, the name Sain Victor is in honor of the martyr known to history Marseillaise persecuted and killed by the Emperor Maximilian. The religious symbol of this place, however, is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Guard, is in Roman Byzantine style and is one hundred and forty feet high. Even today, the building is a destination for pilgrims who every year go to this place to pray and find inner peace. The Borely Park is one of the green areas of Marseille, the weekend is filled with families and tourists who want to relax on its soft and fragrant grass.