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    Airport of Lyon - Saint ExupéryAnyone wishing to visit the beautiful Lyon can rent a low cost car thanks to RentalUp, the service that provides the desired vehicle just arrived to the Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport; so you can start your trip serenely and safely.

    What to visit in Lyon

    LyonAfter Paris and Marseille, Lyon is the third largest city visited in France. Among the most interesting places where you can spend some time there are definitely wonderful bridges and walkways that allow the viability of the Rhone and Saone, the two French rivers, with these you can head to the Fourvière: this is the historic center of Lyon. On top of the hill you can see Lugdunum, a Roman forum also called "Forum Vetus". The building dates back to the Roman period but, unfortunately, in the ninth century, part of it collapsed. Also on the Fourvière hill you can see a tunnel system, a total of four, which allow you to connect every corner of Lyon, it is the hub of the metropolitan transport and it is in place that we have the idea of technological French. Lovers of culture can visit the Hôtel de Bullioud, known also as the home of Henry IV. The building is home of the gallery Philibert Delorme, a leading French architects of the second 1500.

    Another impressive structure, you can not miss the Work made by Jean Nouvel, the importance of the building lies above all in the perfect mix of modern and neoclassical style. The focal point is certainly the glass semi-cylindrical able to give a particular shape to the Opera, the only one of its kind. Inside you can see all year ballets, concerts and theater performances thanks to the show room and modern amphitheater. With your rental car you can drive to the Cathedral of Saint-Jean dedicated to St. Stephen and St. John the Baptist, it is located in the Old Lyon (Vieux Lyon) and dominates the Renaissance district on the edge of the Saône, at the foot of the Fourvière hill . The Cathedral is another mix of styles over the centuries there have been jobs, and today you can admire the Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque style that co-exist perfectly in an imposing building and breathtaking. Certainly highlights include the astronomical clock (dating back to the fourteenth century) and the two side towers. Nature lovers, here there is the beautiful Parc de la Tête d'Or: the urban park of France's it is the most important park of the city. Bizarre is definitely the legend about its name, according to this would be buried in a "head of gold" in the center of the park. Here we find who like jogging or cycling, but there are many people who just want to relax.

    Dining, entertainment and shopping in Lyon

    have fun in LyonLyon is very multipurpose in every point of view: the kitchen is famous all over the world, night clubs and bars are many, but above all it is one of the most popular shopping spree.

    The main dishes of the cuisine of Lyon are certainly those of cheese and sausages, among them is impossible not to mention the salade Lyonnaise (Lyonnaise salad), topped with poached eggs, bacon and croutons. Then there are the typical salami (Jésus de Lyon) and gateau de foie de volaille (a delicious pie of diced chicken fetus).

     The fun is concentrated mainly in bars and nightclubs, among the most important of these are certainly the Smoking Dog (a typical French pub, located near the old Metro station in Lyon), the Voxx (nightclub known throughout the city, in the Rue d'Algérie), and the Ambassade (disco located in Rue Stella).

     For shopping, there are specific places: around the city is full of windows and light.

     In short, unique places, entertainment, cuisine and luxury: this is the magic Lyon.