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    Car hire in Germany - Cheap car rental in Germany

    Arriving in Germany by plane and having need to travel by car, the low cost car rental is undoubtedly the best solution. RentalUp is present with its agencies in different locations in Germany, both in airports and in major cities of the state and it is always able to offer a cheap and good service. Germany is growing considerably from the point of view of tourism, with a mass of passengers which increases every year more, thanks to a gradual rediscovery of the area Mittle-European, the Federal Republic of Germany is a very efficient, which is able to offer the best of its history and its different cultures that meet in different regions State, with alternating large cities to small villages provincial surrounded by greenery, with a difference in the uses and customs of what was East Germany and what was West Germany.

    Berlin, the capital of history and modernity

    Berlin CityThe capital of Germany, Berlin, the second most populous city in Europe after London, the ecomonic and cultural heart of Mittle-European. The best way to visit Berlin is by car. Using the services RentalUp you can hire a car in Berlin city, or take a low cost car rental in Berlin Schoenefeld airport or you can rent a car at Berlin Tegel Airport. The German capital is a mix of different cultures and traditions, which were able to fuse into a single European culture as an example for other states. How can we not mention Potsdamer Platz, and modern buildings including some designed by Renzo Piano. We then move on to look at an original feature of the Berlin Wall, a tangible sign of a division of the recent past. To remember the famous Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the avenue of lime trees, the Museums Island, Berlin Cathedral on Gendarmenmarkt, the Opera, the Humboldt University. In conclusion to visit is the famous Alexanderplatz with its TV tower.

    Turning Berlin is not uncommon to find ancient buildings Prussian remarkably well kept and declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: the historic center is a maze of streets and avenues framed buildings of other periods that includes everything from small traditional shops or local restaurants, where you can taste the famous meatballs and currywurst, accompanied by the Berliner Weisse beer typical of Berlin. Berlin is customary to gather in the cafe groups to eat big breakfasts, often for composition can be treated as real lunches .

    The extraordinary cultural role of Berlin is appreciable Museum Island, located in the Mitte district northwest of the center of Berlin, in a relatively small area space are a large number of museums of international importance such as the Altes and Neues Museum (Old and New Museum) that collect artifacts and prehistoric Egyptian art or the Bode Museum which houses treasures of Byzantine art.

    Monaco of Bavaria, not only Oktoberfest

    Munich by nightAmong the cities without a doubt the most popular with tourists is Munich, one of the major cities of Germany, the capital of Bavaria, situated to the south of the country, overlooking the River Isar, is a very lively and vibrant city, which is appreciated for its history and its secular culture that can still be seen in the numerous monuments of the city such as the Frauenkirche, one of the most famous buildings in Munich, Cathedral City, the towers have become a symbol being the only two shares that have stood the indomitable bombing of World War II and today have more than 4 centuries old. Visiting Munich you can go and visit the Nymphenburg Palace, one of the most impressive and beautiful residences of noble European Baroque. The ideal month to visit Munich is undoubtedly October, when there is the most famous beer festival, which attracts tourists from all over the world, the Oktoberfest, where they are distributed hectoliters of beverages accompanied with the local gastronomic delights such as wustel and sauerkraut.

    To move with ease between the Baroque palaces and avenues of the real city, the ideal would hire a low cost car at the airport in Munich, or rent a car in the center of Munich of Bavaria advantage of the services offered from the site.

    Frankfurt, city of culture

    Skyscrapers in FrankfurtA little more about Monaco is Frankfurt, another river town of Germany, which runs on the banks of the river, one of the attractions of the city. Taking rental car in Frankfurt, one of the agencies attached to RentalUp, you can easily turn the city visiting its most striking features. Unfortunately, the old town was completely destroyed by bombing, but you can visit one of the landmarks of this city, the capital of the region of Hessen Römerberg, which is the most important square on which stands the town hall. The city has an arts scene alive, so that takes place here every year one of the most important literary festival in Europe, thanks to the enormous importance given to multi-ethnicity, which makes Frankfurt one of the shopping German capitals: Zeil are concentrated in the most fashionable shops of the city, in addition to numerous markets and typical restaurants alternated with ethnic, including the Italians.

    Arriving by plane, the city is just 10 minutes by car, taking a rental car low cost airport in Frankfurt.