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    Car hire Stuttgart airport - Car rental Stuttgart

    Stuttgart AirportAnyone who wanted to break free from the stress of public transport in Stuttgart, visiting every corner of the city in complete freedom, you can rent a car using the convenient service provided by RentalUp. In this way you will decide where to go, what to visit and how long to stay.

    Stuttgart between history and cars

    StuttgartWhen you reach the international airport of Stuttgart, you can head to the city, about 13 km, where the wonders to be discovered certainly not lacking. The area certainly more interesting is the "old part", which is located near the Schlossplatz. At the center of this square you can admire the Column of the Jubilee: it the perfect starting point for a tour. On the same Schlossplatz overlook the charming Old Castle, New Castle and the Royal Palace. The first, dating from the tenth century, was built with the function of farm and stables for horses and it is the most interesting of all medieval building Stuttgart. The extension work of the Castle continued until the fifteenth century ..

    The New Castle is a veritable explosion of neoclassical and baroque styles, and today is the seat of Government Ministries and its proportions are really impressive. In the main facade is possible to admire the splendor wanted by the Duke of Württemberg. But the back is equally impressive: it dominates the entire city and overlooks the many vineyards in the below valley. Another focal point is the Schillerplatz, dedicated to the philosopher Friedrich Schiller and not far from Schlossplatz. At the center of the square there is the statue in honor of the artist on it overlook important buildings like the Stiftskirche (or Collegiate Church, the first building built in this place), the Prinzenbau (seat of the Ministry of Justice in Stuttgart ) and the Alte Kanzlei (ie the old Registry of the city).

    Stuttgart is also the  excellence home of motoring . Here were born the first four-wheel and the inhabitants take particular to this leadership. The largest car manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Maybach have their own headquarters in Stuttgart. That's why the motoring enthusiasts love this city. With your low cost rental car you can head to the big companies and museums set up by them. By doing so you will have the opportunity to discover the history of these great brands that have made the history of motoring.

    Where have fun and shopping venues in Stuttgart

    Monuments in StuttgartThe fun in Stuttgart certainly not lacking; discos and pubs are many, as well as the shops in which to have fun shopping. Who loves to dive into the tradition can spend a pleasant evening in the local pub who flock to the city: the peculiarity of these is that they are almost all within lanes. The environment is very impressive and beer lovers will get their teeth. Shopping in Stuttgart is one of the "sport" that is the most popular, being one of the richest cities in Germany. The best place to spend it Calwer Strasse: here are the boutiques of the most important international designers, including Italians. Another important place and full of windows is Bohnenviertel where you can buy not only clothes and shoes, designer but also many typical objects (such as the classic scented candles).