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    Berlin Tegel Airport Car Rental

    First airport in Berlin, named after Otto Lilienthal, Berlin-Tegel Airport is located at only 8 km from the German capital, in the north-western area and in the nearby of the Tegeler See lake.

    This airport, built in 1948, was supposed to have been permanently closed in 2017, but it is still working, waiting for the opening of Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. Its construction as a military airport was necessary after the block of Berlin in the immediate post-war period, to give more opportunities to the supplies airlift, which had at its disposal only Tempelhof Airport.

    In 1960 Berlin-Tegel Airport opened also to civil airlines and in 1974 a more modern airport was built. In addition to the internal flights, this airport is also connected to other European airports, thanks to national airlines and low-cost airlines.

    The connection to the city is granted by the highway A111, that allows you to get to the city centre in about 15 minutes with your rental car, picked up once landed in Berlin-Tegel Airport, after having booked it on RentalUp.

    Berlin Tegel Airport Car Rental

    Berlin: points of interest

    One of the symbols of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate, that many tourists immortalize in their pictures: for many years visits were not allowed, because it was in the territory that divided the city into two sectors, the eastern and the western ones, before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    This majestic monument was built in 1788 at the behest of Friedrich Wilhelm II, a great lover of Greek mythology and art in general. This gate, one of the 18 that were meant to allow the entrance to the city, was, indeed, realized taking like reference the gate that was at the entrance of the Acropolis of Athens.

    The monument consists of 12 26 metres high columns supporting an arch, upon which the Quadriga, depicting the Goddess of Victory on a cart pulled by 4 horses, is placed. This work was brought to Paris as spoils of war by Napoleon and came back to Berlin in 1814.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Berlin-Tegel Airport, you will have the opportunity to reach another historic attraction, the Reichstag: it was born as seat of the Parliament and right here the Republic was declared in 1918, after the defeat in the World War I. This palace was in large part destroyed in 1933 by a fire and during the World War II was used as a clinic for pregnant women.

    After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, it was restored to its ancient grandeur and in 1990 it hosted the ceremony of the reunification of Germany, until it became again in 1999, 66 years after the fire, the official seat of Parliament. Watching through its stained-glass windows, you can enjoy the view over the city and the inner areas.

    The monumental and sumptuous Cathedral in Baroque style stands out among the religious buildings, with its 116 metres of height and the brass dome above. Inside the dome there are paintings representing events of the Old Testament and of the Lutheran Reformation age.

    You can climb the 270 steps that lead to the top, from where you can enjoy a stunning view over the city. Inside the Cathedral, the most important works are the high altar, realised in 1850, the Sauer organ, impressive with its 7000 pipes, and the Hohenzollern crypt.

    Thanks to the car rental service at Berlin-Tegel Airport, you can visit other interesting places, such as the great Alexanderplatz, the Holocaust Memorial and the Checkpoint Charlie.

    Brandenburg Gate
    Holocaust Memorial

    Berlin: art and culture

    Berlin has always been a city committed to art and culture: right here, indeed, important cultural festivals take place in theatres, halls or even outdoor. The German city offers at least a show every day.

    Thanks to the car rental service at Berlin-Tegel Airport, you can visit the many museums in the city, five of which are in the Museum Island; inside they expose ancient and modern treasures, in a journey that retraces every step of the human history. Altes Museum, built between 1823 and 1830, spreads on two floors. In the rooms on the ground floor you can admire objects that date back to ancient Greece era, while on the first floor there are Etruscan and Roman findings.

    Neues Museum, instead, offers the opportunity to admire works dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, such as the bust of Nefertiti. In this museum there are also prehistoric remains found in Europe and an impressive papyrus collection.

    Visiting Alte Nationalgalerie, you can admire XIX century German paintings and sculptures, in addition to a collection of paintings that date back to the age of Impressionism, both French and German. The other two museums on the Museum Island are Bode Museum, named after its designer, where a great coin collection is preserved, and Pergamon Museum, with a work of great value, such as the II century B.C. Pergamon altar, in addition to other marvels of ancient architecture, such as the market gates of Miletus and Babylon.

    Among the almost 200 museums in Berlin, many of them are dedicated to the history of the country and of the city, like the German Historical Museum, the Jewish Museum, the DDR Museum, Epraim-Palas Museum and the Märkisches Museum.

    Museum Island