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    Rent a car Berlin airport - Car rental Germany

    Airport Berlin - TegelBerlin, the largest city, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, is one of the most interesting destinations for visitors to the Germany. It is a city to discover so many things to see, an essential destination in the tour of the German state. A capital of constant change, of great political and cultural importance that, over the centuries, has collected a wealth of historic and artistic monuments and museums to visit. Tegel Airport, the main metropolis of Berlin, also called Otto Otto Lilienthal, Tegel is located in a neighborhood in the district of Reinickendorf. Of the three airports in Berlin is the one with the highest number of flights annually operating and also the one with more passengers. Its distance from the city center is just eight kilometers and allows you to quickly get the most interesting points of the city, perhaps taking a rental car at the airport Tegel at low cost prices.

    From Tegel airport to the great Berlin

    BerlinUsing the Discount Car Rentals at the Airportof Berlin Tegel is a trick to get through the most important of the city. In the German capital is highly developed public transport by bus, subway and bike paths, so the traffic is very limited. When you come to Berlin with a rental car, you are surprising by the fluidity of moving machinery that has nothing to do with the other European cities more chaotic. The streets are wide and then sliding, so it is very difficult to get stuck in traffic. Another merit of the German nation is the gratuity of the highway network also present in Berlin with several large arteries. In fact, for the vast territory Berlin is convenient to use the highway that connects all the different areas of the agglomeration. Also from the capital, again through the highways, you can easily reach other major cities in Germany.

    The monuments of the German capital

    Monuments in BerlinThrough the cheap car rental at the airport Tegel of Berlin, you arrive quickly in the city to visit the main monuments of the German metropolis. The monuments of the German capital Through the cheap car rental  at the airport of Tegel, you arrive quickly in the city to visit the main monuments of the German metropolis. A tour of the city includes a classical stop at Potsdamer Platz, in the recent past, symbol of the Iron Curtain, now image of the new capital Berlin with its modern buildings including some designed by Renzo Piano.

    We then move on to look at an original feature of the Berlin Wall, a tangible sign of a division. The second stage, with the rental car, it is the Nazi government district with the Topography of Terror, the Air Ministry and a site of the Chancellery and Hitler's bunker. Subsequent movements in the car to discover other monuments follow the following steps: the Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe, the avenue of lime trees, the Museums Island, Berlin Cathedral on Gendarmenmarkt, the Palace of 'Opera, the Humboldt University. These are the symbols that characterize the history of the city related to the Second World War and the Cold War. The perfect conclusion of the tour is the famous Alexanderplatz with its TV tower. Thank to RentalUp,by a available car at competitive prices, you can make this trip in the city, essential to fix in the memory the most beautiful and interesting parts of Berlin.