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    Berlin Schönefeld airport - Car rental in Berlin

    Airport Berlin - SchoenefeldAre You looking for a rental car at the airport Schonefeld of Berlin? RentalUp is the ideal solution for you, with a complete fleet of machines and a professional and reliable service at a very affordable price. Through RentalUp, therefore, you can take advantage of a low cost car rental at the airport Berlin Schönefeld a service very useful for tourists, students and for who come to the German capital for work. Having the ability to move independently from one part of the city, it allows you to not have to depend on public transport schedules (for another in the night do not offer an adequate service) and can decide when, where and how move independently.

    Berlin, what to visit

    Monuments in BerlinOnce you hire the car, you can embark on the journey between the various beauties of Berlin, to discover the lesser-known streets, the views less explored, the streets off the beaten track. The starting point, however, can only be Alexander Platz, with its astronomical clock, a huge shopping center (where you can enjoy a sandwich with wusterl and sauerkraut, a pretzel hot or a cold beer) and historic place for excellence. From here you can move to the so-called Museum Island, namely the Museuminseln, where you can admire, among other things, the Altes Museum and the Pergamon Museum, which owes its name to the Altar of Pergamon, disassembled and remounted to place in this environment. Not far away is the Berlin Cathedral, whose dome you can enjoy a panoramic view. Back on board the rented car, you can go to what remains of the Berlin Wall, Berliner Mauer: a journey through the history part of Check Point Charlie, that is the crossing point on the border between the Soviet and the American sector and then continue on to the East Side Gallery. Here you can see the best part of the wall has been preserved, with over a mile of murals and graffiti. Do not miss the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor in German). It is located between the districts of Mitte and Tiergarten. A few kilometers from the central districts, for nature lovers there is the river Havel in the Grunewald (forest) at Schildhorn.

    German cuisine and nightlife of Berlin

    City of BerlinBerlin, in essence, is a city that deserves a visit from top to bottom, and to do that we can not take advantage of the opportunity of renting a car. Finally, some advice on food: do not leave Berlin without having first tasted the delicious potato soup (kartofen) to Prussia, shin of pork pommeriana, the beetsbatch with brioche bread with prunes and exceptional Königsberg meatballs. Repository of culture, tradition and art, Berlin, completely rebuilt after the destruction of World War II, it also offers an exciting nightlife, the Germans do not care too much about temperatures, and so after dinner you can take the car to get around in one of the many places of the capital that we go to the disco, or in one of the typical German pub, you can enjoy the famous local beer, of course without exaggeration because then we will have to drive.

    In short, it is clear that RentalUp is the best solution for who need a cheap rental car at the airport Schonefeld of Berlin reliable and comprehensive with an excellent service, it makes sense to take advantage of.