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    Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport Car Rental

    The history of Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport began in the far 1911, when it was opened to the public: this fact makes it the most ancient airport still working.

    During the First and the Second World Wars it was used as a military airport and after 1945 it has undergone requalification and extension work. Reaching Hamburg city centre with a rental car starting from Hamburg-FuhlsbüttelAirport takes little time, since you have to cover a distance of only 8 km.

    Among the airlines using this airport, we can mention KLM and Ryanair: the first one guarantees daily connections to Amsterdam, while the second one allows you to get, for example, to Lisbon, London and Bergamo.

    Hamburg Airport Car Rental

    Hamburg: points of interest

    Hamburg is probably the most important port city in Germany, but this is not the only reason why it is worth to visit it, since over the years the city also known as “the Venice of the North” as become a very interesting place from a touristic point of view.

    Once landed in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport and picked your rental car you here, booked on RentalUp during the preparations for the trip, you can soon start to discover the best points of interest of this port city.

    Taking advantage of the car rental from Hamburg Airport, you can start your holiday admiring the Town Hall, whose construction dates back to 1500.

    The building you can admire today, however, is the result of an ex novo reconstruction that took place during the XIX century after a fire. Nowadays, the Town Hall of Hamburg is a charming mix of different architectonical styles and is an unicum in the city from this point of view.

    The building, that was reconstructed with the idea of making it the symbol of the trading power of the city, overlooks Rathausmarkt, square that is characterised by being made entirely with red bricks.

    You absolutely must visit St. Michael’s Church: this is the most important Protestant place of worship in the city and a fascinating example of Baroque architecture. Taking advantage of the car rental service in Hamburg, from the airport, you must visit the harbour: only who deeply knows the history of the Beatles knows that the band that changed the history of music started their artistic career precisely here, in this area of the German city.

    Moreover, you cannot miss the Speicherstadt: this word literally means “city of the warehouses”, and it is precisely the area of the warehouses in the harbour of Hamburg, which over the years has become also place of cultural and social aggregation.


    Hamburg: art and culture

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Hamburg Airport will allow you, among the other things, to discover the huge cultural offer that the city has to propose to its visitors.

    In this respect, it is enough to think of the Emigration Museum: this museum dedicates its exhibition space to the story of the reasons and of the ways of German emigration, and not only, to the United States of America from the second half of the XIX century until the years right before the outbreak of the Second World War.

    In addition to really interesting exhibition spaces, this museum will also allow you to accede to a list with the names of the emigrants who went in search of fortune in the USA.

    You cannot miss neither the International Maritime Museum, which is charming also from an architectonical point of view, since it is located in a building whose shape is inspired by that of the deck of a ship. This cultural place will allow you to discover much about the history of the city, paying particular attention to its tradition of harbour truth.

    Moreover, you can admire little less than 20.000 models of ships, from ancient ages such as the Phoenician age up to present day.

    Lastly, if you love contemporary art, we must mention the Hall for Contemporary Art in the building that hosts also the House of Photography.

    International Maritime Museum