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    Frankfurt am Main Airport Car Rental

    Frankfurt am Main International Airport is a very important airport in Germany, about 13 km south-west of the city centre and well connected by an efficient highway network. At the airport there is the most important hub of Lufthansa, an airline which offers the passengers transiting here a series of exclusive services, starting from a reserved boarding through an apposite area. Two other terminals, T1 (Mitte) and T2, are available for all the other flights.

    The airport of Frankfurt, financial capital of the country, is also the biggest one in Germany and manages 60 million passengers every year, both heading into the city and in transit towards other destinations; moreover, it is a very important airport throughout Europe for the transport of goods. Its opening dates back to 1936, but, actually, it took the place of another airport, realized in 1909 and used for the airships; by the way, the first airline in the world was born right in Frankfurt. During the Second World War, it was used merely for military purposes and the normal civil flights resumed only in 1951, with an exponential growth of passengers, that made necessary a renovation of the structure and the construction of a new terminal in 1972 and of a third runway in the 1980s.The second terminal, that increased the passengers’ management capacity, was inaugurated in 1994. Lastly, in 2011, a fourth runway was realized, with protests by the environmentalists, because of the destruction of a wide area of forest.

    The easiest way to reach the city centre is to book a rental car before departure with RentalUp and pick it up in complete tranquillity directly at Frankfurt Airport. Moving and orienting through the German roads is easy thanks to the presence of many clear and accurate driving directions, so that this is the best solution to visit Frankfurt and the surroundings. Driving along the SS B43, you will directly get to the entrance of the city.

    Frankfurt am Main Airport Car Rental

    Frankfurt Am Main: points of interest

    Frankfurt is in the Hesse region and is a lively and interesting city from the cultural and artistic points of view. Seat of the European Central Bank, it is an important financial reference point not only for Germany, but also for all Europe. The presence of many skyscrapers and futuristic buildings makes its aspect modern and dynamic, but it is also a buzzing cultural centre, rich in worldwide relevant museums and seat of important international events such as the Book Fair or the International Motor Show.

    Thanks to the car rental at Frankfurt Am Main Airport, you will find easy to move in complete freedom and, even though you do not have much time, to discover as much as possible in this city. The tour starts from the ancient nucleus, Romerberg, the central square overlooked by Medieval buildings. The most important one is the Town Hall, or Romer, whose splendid rooms deserve to be visited. In the middle there is the Fountain of Justice, realized in the XVI century to symbolically watch the activities of the merchants, that took place right in this area.

    The main religious buildings you must visit are the Cathedral, named after Saint Bartholomew (in German Kaiserdom Sankt Bartholomäus) and the Church of Saint Paul. Another unmissable attraction is the Main Tower, in the financial district of Frankfurt; this is the only skyscraper open to the public and it has a 200 meters high viewing platform, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view over the city. The famous street Zeil is perfect for those who love shopping, whereas the children will love the big Zoo, among the most important ones in Europe.

    Central Bank of Frankfurt

    Frankfurt Am Main: art and culture

    Frankfurt is the Goethe’s birthplace and, indeed, many places here recalls his presence; among these, the most important one is his house, turned into an interesting museum on four floors, which shows the places where the great writer lived, realizing some of his immortal works, such as “The Sorrows of Young Werther”. Not far from it there is also the Goethe Museum, with numerous exhibition rooms which preserve paintings and busts.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Frankfurt Airport, your cultural tour of the city must continue along the River Main, where there are the most important museums in Frankfurt. This area is the ideal destination for those who love art, history, cinema, sculpture and craftmanship: you are spoilt for choice!

    Among the most beautiful exhibitions there is that of Stadel Museum, which collects an impressive number of works of art, from the Middle Age to the Contemporary art, realized by masters such as Botticelli, Degas or Monet. Along the banks of the River Main, a great cultural event, the Museum Embankment Festival, or “Museumsufer Fest”, is held Every year in summer. It has an international resonance and has become an unmissable date. It is a true homage to the culture of the city and includes art, music, theatre, dance and cuisine with exhibition spaces on over 1 km along the river. The car rental from Frankfurt Am Main Airport will allow you to live in complete tranquillity and comfort your vacation discovering the city.