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    Car hire in Frankfurt - Car rental Frankfurt

    FrankfurtAre you looking for a cheap rental car in Frankfurt? RentalUp has all the answers you need, guaranteeing service and reliability for a rental car in Frankfurt practical and convenient . If it is true that taxi fares are always higher, renting a car can be an exceptional opportunity for who wish to move from one part of the German city in complete autonomy and freedom.

    What to see in Frankfurt

    Monuments in FrankfurtOnce you get in the car, you can start a tourist itinerary of the place, which can only come about through the Cathedral, the symbolic place of worship in Frankfurt. The tower nearly one hundred meters, visible from any part of the city, is the main reason of attraction of this building, that the truth should not be called a cathedral as it has never been the seat of a bishop. Do not miss the museum inside, with objects and ancient relics of centuries. Then, in our path you can move in the direction of Romerberg, where there is the Old Church of St. Nicholas. Characterized by white walls and the perimeter square, stands out for the high number of these bells - forty - in action at noon and at nine in the morning. Moving on, then, on the banks of the Meno, you can appreciate the Church of San Leonardo, dating back to the fifteenth century. This is one of the oldest churches in Frankfurt, located in the famous ford of the Franks, and the interior divided into five aisles. You can complete the route by going to the Jewish Cemetery, which is reached by taking Berliner Strasse and then continuing on Battonn Strasse. The cemetery houses the remains of Jewish citizens died in the late fifteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth, and is notable for the long wall composed of protruding stones, on each of which is written the name of one of the dead. City by the stunning natural landscape, thanks to the River Meno, Frankfurt is worth a visit in detail. For who want to arrive in the German city by airplane, RentalUp, thanks to its branches on-site, offers the opportunity to take a low cost car hire at the airport of Frankfurt, and can also book online, saving time and money.

    Where to have fun in Frankfurt

    Having fun in FrankfurtThe German city, of course, can be admired not only for historical monuments and architectural beauty. Not to be missed, for example, is the rich Zeil street, full of attractions and shops, and at night collecting the nightlife of the place, including games, music and fun. Here the citizens and tourists have the chance to go shopping, but also to spend the night and enjoy the delights of the place: in addition to the classic sandwich with sausage and sauerkraut, accompanied by a nice glass of beer, there is can afford to skip the appointment with the meatballs to Konigsberg, and one of the many local sweets.

    RentalUp In conclusion, offers low cost car rental from Frankfurt at unbeatable prices, ensuring quality and professionalism, thanks to a proven over time. So what you waiting for? Take advantage now!