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    Düsseldorf Airport Car Rental

    Düsseldorf Airport is the third most important airport all over Germany and is one of the main hubs of Lufthansa.

    The idea of building an airport to serve the city of Düsseldorf began to circulate among the civil authorities already in the early XX century. The airport was opened in 1927, only two years after the start of its construction.

    During the Second World War it was used by the German armed forces and immediately after the end of the war by the allied forces, returning under the control of West Germany only in 1950.

    Nowadays, among the airlines working here, we can mention Lufthansa and Alitalia: the first one covers the routes to Munich and Frankfurt, the second one guarantees connections to Milan and Rome.

    Dusseldorf Airport Car Rental

    Düsseldorf: points of interest

    The city of Düsseldorf is famous all over Germany for the many interesting museums that it hosts, and for being one of the German cities entirely rebuilt after the Second World War: over the years, it has earned an important space from the cultural ant touristic points of view.

    Once landed in Düsseldorf Airport and picked your rental car up here, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon start to discover a city which is often underestimate from a touristic point of view.

    What you can soon notice is how Düsseldorf is an extremely modern city from an architectonical point of view: this depends on the fact that during the Second World War it was almost completely destroyed and so, after the conflict, it was totally rebuilt.

    The first place to be visited is Burgplatz, that is the main square of the city where the most of the monuments are, but the one to which citizens are most attached probably is a fountain portraying two boys doing cartwheels.

    The square, where, as mentioned, there are many places of great cultural interest, is also the centre of the city nightlife. Among the most interesting places there is the Rhine: an experience you absolutely must live is an evening walk along the shores of the river, which allows you to enter in touch with the surrounding nature.

    The car rental service at Düsseldorf Airport will allow you to freely move and so you can take time to discover the Koenigsallee, which, for those who did not know, is one of the coolest areas of this German city, considered the cradle of fashion in Germany.


    Düsseldorf: art and culture

    The possibility to take advantage of the car rental service in Düsseldorffrom the airport allows you to discover also the huge cultural offer that this city makes available to any tourist.

    In this respect, it takes very little to realize that Düsseldorf deserves to be considered one of the richest German cities from the point of view of the offer of museums. For example, if you love modern art, you must include the Kunstsammlung NRW in your itinerary: many experts of the field consider it the most important museum of modern art in Germany and also the building that houses it is very fascinating.

    Still for those who love art, and in particular the cinema, it is worth to visit the Filmmuseum: Germany has a great cinematographic tradition and this museum retraces in detail the history of German cinema since the dawn to nowadays.

    The discovery tour of the museums can continue, also exploiting the comfort of the car rental service at Düsseldorf Airport, going, for example, to the House of Japanese Culture: this is surely one of the places that you would never expect to find in a European city, but it is one of the highlights of Düsseldorf not only from a cultural point of view, but also from a historical one.