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    rent car thessaloniki - car hire thessaloniki

    ThessalonikiThe Greek places of interest are such and so many as to embarrass the tourist, but the second Greek city: Thessaloniki, is a destination that should not be overlooked. The attractions are numerous and for a visit that will satisfy your desire to learn should be considered the idea of car rental in Thessaloniki. In this way you will not have to depend on public transport timetables and you are free to go wherever you want. Relying on RentalUp, you will be offered the best offers of the various operators to find the car that best suits your needs and if you book online before departure will ready your low cost car rental in Thessaloniki. Once you have your keys in hand you can along twenty miles that separate you from the city and start your tour.

    Visiting the city of Thessaloniki

    monument ThessalonikiOnce in the city, for an overview, go to Byzantine fortress that stands on a hill, from where you can admire the old town which grew at the foot of the hill with winding little streets and low houses and graceful. The eye can see the newer areas with the beautiful promenade on which romantic stroll admiring the White Tower in the background, memories of Turkish domination.

    Thessaloniki, this is its greek name calls to mind the glories of the empire of Alessandro Magno and at the same time is the modern industrial and commercial heart of the peninsula. Head to the Museum of the Macedonian fighters to jump back over two thousand years, but there are many invasions from this city and each has left its witnesses.

    Romans remained an entire neighborhood with bathing and mighty arch of Galerius, is the Byzantine cathedral of Hagia Sophia, as its eponymous in Istanbul, was converted into a mosque by the Turkish and Christian came back alone a century. Still on the subject of religious buildings is the modern Agios Dimitrios, the largest church in Greece, but the most striking building is the Church of Osios David, the oldest of the city (built before 1000) that its inside there is the "vision of Ezekiel" an extraordinary mosaic.

    Wander down to the fine Archaeological Museum and a trip to the harbor dominated by a statue of Alessandro Magno, while in the central square is the great philosopher Aristotle in the past to rise above the passers-by. For those arriving by plane, thanks to branches of, you can take a low cost rental car at the airport of Thessaloniki, saving time and money by being able to book conveniently online from home.

    The attractions of Thessaloniki

    beach of Thessaloniki The city has a lively cultural life, it hosts a Biennial, the International Film Festival and theater, music and film enliven the evenings.The most vibrant is undoubtedly that of the port, but also to Ladadika, Proxeno, Leoforo, Nikis and square Anavarinou you will find many nice places, but if you want to hear the music of the bouzouki you need to move away from the airport’s area. 

    Shoppers instead find all sorts of shops on the seafront in Aristotelous Square and along the main streets and why not, maybe stop in a typical greek restaurant and eat the delicious local specialties such as feta and meat dishes. Although there is the sea, a beach you have to move a few miles out of town to reach places such as in Chalcidiki, Platamonas and Litochoro and for this reason it is useful to hire at low cost prices a car in Thessaloniki.