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    Crete Chania Airport Car Rental

    The island of Crete is equipped with three airports, two of which are international, Heraklion and Chania, and one is national, exclusively used for internal flights. The main and busiest airport for passenger traffic is that of Heraklion, chief town of Crete and barycentric city in the island.

    The airport of Crete, named after Ioannis Daskalogiannis, a Cretan fighter and leader of the Greek rebellion against the Ottomans, was born as a military airport in 1937, later opened to civil flights.

    About 14 km far from Chania city centre, Daskalogiannis airport is a small airport, situated in Atrokiri peninsula, close to Souda bay. It is the second most important airport in the island of Crete.

    Chania Airport grants connections to many European cities, thanks also to the low-cost airlines that work here, such as Ryanair. Flights increase in summertime, when many tourists reach the island for their seaside holidays. All year long, instead, flight to Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek destinations are granted.

    Once landed at Crete Airport, it is possible to get to the beautiful tourist destinations of the island, just picking a rental car up, previously booked on RentalUp.

    Rental car service at Crete Chania Airport is the best way to discover Crete in complete freedom, considering that the public transportation does not reach all the places of interest and that taxies are pretty expensive.

    Crete Chania Airport Car Rental

    Crete: points of interest

    The island of Crete offers extraordinarily beautiful sceneries and historic sites rich in art and culture, that will make your holidays on the island extremely interesting and charming. Since the points of interest are displaced in different areas of the island, we suggest you to take advantage of the car rental service at Crete Chania Airport.

    Archaeological remains of great value emerge in the entire island, thanks to the historic role played by its ancient inhabitants, who, already in 2000 B.C., used to spread over the Mediterranean the high level of culture they had reached. The Minoan civilization, so called for the mythological king Minos, was the first to exert its influence on the Egyptians, the Phoenicians and on the Aegean populations, thanks to the maritime empire it built.

    Anyway, Crete is not only history. The wonderful beaches that characterize it, absolutely to be visited, are numerous and displaced along the perimeter of the entire island, even though the most beautiful ones are on the Western and Southern coasts. Many of them are so wide and, fortunately, out of the most popular tourist trails, that are uncrowded even in the middle of the summer, when visitors reaching Crete triplicate the island population.

    Elafonissi beach is composed by a splendid strip of pink sand, which spreads to the turquoise sea of the extreme Western edge of Crete and reach a spectacular and massive rocky islet. Situated into a natural reserve, accessible exclusively by car and after a short walk, it offers the sight of a beautiful landscape that deserves the efforts you have to face for arriving.

    Balos Lagoon, reachable by boat, offers breath-taking views over the bay. After a walk on foot that allows you to leave the panoramic road to get down to the beach, you will find yourself in front of a stunning lagoon, where strips of pink sand alternates with crystal-clear and transparent waters.

    In both cases, renting a car is a must to fully enjoy your vacation; the majority of tourists who arrive in the island, already prepared, once landed, immediately go to the car rental offices at Crete Airport and pick their rental car up, that will accompany them for the entire stay.

    Northern seaside towns, such as Heraklion, Chania, Rethimno, are of great interest, with their harbours surrounded by the charming maritime villages, rich in restaurants where to taste the typical Greek and Aegean specialities.

    Crete Elafonissi

    Crete: art and culture

    Knossos Palace is absolutely the most famous historic site in Crete, but not the only one. Dating back to the Bronze Age and placed at a few kilometres from Heraklion, it preserves the solid traces of a great Minoan palace, composed of about 1300 rooms, originally distributed on 5 floors and 20,000 square meters of surface.

    Many perfectly preserved rooms show constructing techniques, that were extremely advanced for that era, and extraordinary wall paintings. The pipes of the water and sewage systems, of modern conception, are still visible and we known for certain that the windows were equipped with glasses.

    Other Minoan palaces you can visit are those of Phaestos, Malia and Haghia Triada, which are smaller than Knossos Palace and distributed all over the island, but all beautiful. You can easily reach the palaces taking advantage of the car rental service at Chania Airport.

    Palace of Knossos

    Car Rental with no credit card at Chania Airport

    Thanks to RentalUp, you can pick your rental car up at Chania Airport, also if you do not have a credit card!

    In a few minutes, you can search and choose place, date and time of pickup and delivery. By applying the “with no credit card deposit” filter, you will get a list of cars that you can rent with no credit card. Choose the one you prefer at the best price offered by one of the partners of RentalUp!

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    Crete Chania Airport Car Rental without Credit Card