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    Lesbos Mytilene Airport Car Rental

    Lesbos Mytilene Airport is the main hub for travels from Greece and Europe to the island of Lesbos, very popular for its beaches and tourist facilities.

    The airport was operational already in 1948 for private and military flights, but it has become a strategic point of civil aviation only since the 1980s. Starting from that date, Mytilene Airport welcomes both national and international flights. Moreover, it is in a strategical location since it is just 8 km from the city after which it named.

    Within the structure there are all the facilities available in the most modern airports, such as duty-free shops, restaurants, currency exchange offices and car rental offices.

    The airport has been involved  since 2007 in a national plan of modernization which included the increasement of the number of desks for check-in, of sanitary facilities, new inaugurations of restaurants and shops and a general improvement of the facilities offered within the structure.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Mytilene Airport, available immediately at the exit of check-out, is the best solution to get to the centre of the main city on the island. The best way to avoid lines and bureaucracy is booking previously your rental car with RentalUp.

    Thanks to the car rental service at Mytilene – Lesbos Airport, you will have the possibility to immediately enjoy the splendid panorama of Greek coast, driving along the road Eleftheriou Venizelou.

    Mytilene-Lesbos Airport Car Rental

    Mytilene: points of interest

    Mytilene is a beautiful city that is very important on the island of Lesbos, where those who love Greek culture and the traditions of this land can live a very beautiful vacation.

    The first thing to do to understand the shape and the charm of this island is climbing upon one of the hills overlooking the city, from where you can enjoy a breath-taking panorama.

    The main attraction of the city is, however, the castle, considered one of the biggest and most typical throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Its construction dates back to the VI century, but the current aspect and structure were modified after a restoration work by the Genoese family Gattilusio in 1355 and subsequent interventions were made by the Ottomans.

    The parts of the castle open to the public are three: the first two floors are characterised by a Turkish construction, whereas the highest floor preserves almost entirely the original structure in Greek style.

    Another of the most famous points of interest in the city is the theatre of Mytilene, located in the middle of a pine forest just outside the city centre, easily reachable using the car rental service at Mytilene airport; this big structure (built in a period between 300 and 100 B.C.) could contain up to 15000 spectators and has remained intact over the years thanks also to the interventions by the Roman builders, who carried out many restoration and enlargement works.

    Old Port

    Mytilene: art and culture

    The best way to understand the historical and artistic importance of this Greek island is visiting the Archaeological Museum of Mytilene, housed within two palaces very close to the city harbour. The first building (a beautiful three stories high palace built in Neoclassic style) preserves many ancient manufacts, such as pottery, ancient coins and a huge collection of decorative mosaics, whereas the second palace (with a more modern style and of recent construction) presents within it a collection of more recent findings: pave decorations dating back to the Roman age, statues and objects for religious uses.

    We must consider not only the Greek-Roman tradition when we talk about the island of Lesbos; in the city of Mytilene you can find, indeed, points of interest strictly related to the ancient Turkish domination: the most important one undoubtedly is the mosque of Valid Tzami, dating back to 1615. You have to get to the district Epano Skala, built during the Turkish domination as well, to visit this building.

    The mosque is made of stone and concrete, but presents also a beautiful marble staircase and a courtyard paved by stones where you can find a still operational fountain decorated with arabesques. The ceiling of the mosque is very original: once it was decorated with paintings and bright colours, while today it is covered by a brown colour, given after the liberation from the Turkish domination.

    Another mosque you cannot miss is the Yeni Cami (literally New Mosque), which is nowadays the biggest one on the island, within which you can admire beautiful and colourful decorations, both of Ottoman and Turkish origin.

    Lesbos Castle