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    Rent a car in Hungary - Car Hire in Hungary

    This Eastern European country can be defined only for its history and culture, and its population is in fact not of Indo-European origins as the rest of the inhabitants of the continent and this makes the Magyars a nation proud of its diversity.Ways of life and traditions must be discovered by visiting not only the capital, but planning a real sightseeing tour that will touch the most important points of this land so rich in history and nature.Divided into two parts by the Danube River in the west is the most tourist area with the lake Balaton, while in the east the mountain foothills and the wide puszta are quaint villages where you can feel the real atmosphere Hungarians.If you're planning a trip to the country, do not limit yourself to visiting Budapest, but explore this land full of charm and this will not be difficult if you just arrived choose to rent a  car in Hungary.

    Budapest, the Hungarian charm

    budapestArriving by plane in the Hungarian capital, the first thing to do is to contact a low cost car rental at the airport  of Budapest. You can walk the twenty kilometers that separate you from the city and then move in total freedom in the beautiful surroundings or tempt you to visit other areas of the Hungarian Republic.

    Budapest is wonderful, you will realize a walk on the famous Chain Bridge, visit the magnificent Parliament with its architecture reminiscent of the Houses of Parliament in London and enjoy the splendor of the Church of St. Matthias, grandly Gothic transformed into a mosque by the Turks . Do not miss the two castles citizens both turned into museums: the vast Royal Castle overlooking the Danube and Vajdahunyad built in the late nineteenth century, but by the gothic architecture. Do not miss the Thermal Baths in Belle Epoque style and if you push the car to a dozen kilometers of the center is to visit the Communist Statue Park.If you love shopping stroll along Vaci utca are concentrated stores of the best-known brands and typical local products, or visit one of the many shopping malls citizens or the famous Covered Market where you can find everything. In the city there are many restaurants where you can taste the typical soups, goulash and do not miss the libamáj, fatty liver with onions and paprika.

    To enjoy the night there is a district of Budapest Raday Utca its premises of all kinds, pubs, wineries and sexy local or historical Lizst Ferenc Square with historians cafes and restaurants.

    Around Budapest and ...

    esztergom in UngheriaWith the low cost car rental in Budapest you can reach the truly unique resort as Visegrad on a bend of the Danube and it is dominated by the medieval citadel, where you can enjoy a day at the spa, Esztergom, the ancient capital of the largest church in the state and then head to the nearby Godollo Grassalkovich to visit the castle, the favorite residence of Princess Sissi. Moving away from the capital, the lake Balaton with the wonderful castles that surround its shores to the north and visit Eger, a baroque city and the wonderful caves Baradla to Aggtelek. To the east, instead you will get the puszta where horses run free, buffalo and racka breed of sheep.