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    car hire budapest - car rentals budapest

    view of BudapestBudapest, a city of nearly 2 million inhabitants and the capital of Hungary, was born from the cities of Buda and Pest, situated on opposite banks of the Danube. When you land at Liszt Ferenc, you can hire a car thanks to the services of RentalUp and get to the city center in a short time!

    The Pearl of the Danube

    monument of BudapestBudapest is a city full of monuments and palaces to see, so much to be protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.A good starting point is the Heroes' Square, in which the Millennium Monument celebrates the founders of the Magyar nation and some characters of its story.Following the course of the Danube meet the 8 bridges in the city, among which the most famous is the Chain Bridge, opened in 1849. Not far from the Parliament, perhaps the most famous palace of Budapest, which is distinguished by its white spiers and red dome, like a meeting between the Nordic and Mediterranean architecture.Along the river we meet then Margaret Island, one of three islands that meets the Danube River through the city, occupied by a large park and sports facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and bike paths. Also worth visiting is the Fishermen's Bastion on the Buda bank, also as the neo-Gothic Parliament, which offers beautiful views of the towns on the Pest area, right by his side is the Matthias Church, where the Hungarian king Matthias Corvino married for 2 times. From here it is also easy to reach the Castle of Budapest, situated on the hill, home to the Historical Museum and the National Gallery. For those who arrive by plane in the Hungarian capital, is possible thanks to the branches of, take a rental car at the airport of Budapest Liszt Ferenc, choosing from a wide range of models and being able to easily book online from home, in order to have the available car.

    Relaxation and fun in Budapest

    have fun in BudapestTake a rental car in Budapest thanks to the services of RentalUp allows you to move quickly in the city center.

    So you have time to relax in one of the many thermal baths, thermal springs of this area were known to the ancient Romans, who founded the city of Aqiuncum here (today in the area of Óbuda). Some of the bathrooms still in use today date back to the period of Turkish rule, in 1500-1600, the most famous are the Király, the Széchenyi, Gellért and Rudas s, but they are also rising "water clubs" aimed at younger .

    If you want to do some shopping to Vaci utca is the ideal: this long pedestrian street with many shops and boutiques of leather. At the bottom of Vaci utca, the covered market Vámház körút allows us a full immersion in the traditional Hungarian products. This market, which dates back to 800, spread over 2 floors: the ground floor is the food from the paprika liqueurs, while the upper floor is dedicated to lace, lace, pottery and souvenirs of all kinds. Here we also tast some of the traditional dishes, first of all the goulash, but also Angos, a fried pizza topped with sour cream, cheese or garlic.

    And for the nightlife, the latest trend is the "ruin pubs", derived from local abandoned buildings, and if you want something more traditional, Liszt Ferenc Square is home to many bars, while one must be cautious in going to the nightclub, which may have accounts very expensive. Take a car hire at low cost prices in Budapest, can certainly be an excellent find everything for the entire visit Hungary in complete autonomy and comfort.