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    car rental dublin airport - hire car dublin airport

    Airport of  DublinDespite its size are not particularly significant (in fact, has just over 500,000 inhabitants), Dublin, as well as the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is the largest and most populated city on the island. Its airport is the busiest in Ireland, with nearly 19 million passengers in 2011. It 'also home of Aer Lingus, the national airline of Ireland, and the low cost airline Ryanair, as well as hosting its second terminal flights to 60 other companies to international and intercontinental destinations. Dublin Airport is only ten kilometers from the center, in an area called Collinstown. So we can easily hire a car at Dublin Airport and take the M1 motorway to the south on the M50 and introduce to the city center.

    The city of Joyce

    DublinDublin is situated at the mouth of the River Liffey and overlooks the Irish Sea. Founded by the Vikings, the city passed into the hands of the British in the Middle Ages, after the First World War began the Irish rebellion to British rule, which led in 1922 to the proclamation of the Republic of Ireland, with its capital Dublin. The city can be considered the capital of Irish culture: here the writer James Joyce set his most famous works, "Ulysses" and "People of Dublin", and the city is now home to three universities l. Among the most important monuments are the Cathedral of Christ Church and, of course, St. Patrick's Cathedral, known patron of the city. Lovers of pubs and nightlife should not miss a visit to the Temple Bar district, home to the eponymous pub and a large group of other rooms, as well as performances by many street artists, and equally deserving of attention is the St. James's Gate Brewery, the brewery since the mid-1700 produces the famous Guinness.

    South Kilkenny and Cork

    around dublinThe airport of Dublin is the largest in Ireland, and will be the main point of reference for different destinations from the capital. The services of RentalUp will help us take a hire car at Dublin Airport before heading out to explore the lush green island of Ireland. If we choose to head to the South, for example, we make a stop in the town of Kilkenny. Beer lovers will immediately recall the same name Ale that is produced here, but Kilkenny is above all a very nice town frequented by the Irish themselves. The its historic symbol remarkable is certainly the castle, a medieval manor very elegant and well preserved, thanks to careful renovation work carried out. Continuing our way to South we arrive finally in Cork, the second city of the Republic of Ireland also known as "the capital of the South." So we can spend an afternoon strolling along St. Patrick Street, Grand Parade and Oliver Plunkett Street, to admire the Georgian-style buildings that still characterize the city and devote ourselves to a little 'shopping, maybe paying a visit to the ancient English Market. Here too, as we have seen Irish tradition, there are plenty of breweries in Cork is just a fact produce the Beamish and Murphy's. In conclusion, for the full visit the Ireland, it is good to rely on a rental car, choosing the itinerary according to your interests, booking online and save time and money when you land at Dublin.