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    Rental Car Pesccara - Cheap hire car Pescara

    Harbor of PescaraPescara is situated on the Adriatic coast, about 4 m above sea level and develops around the mouth Aterno-Pescara. The coast is low and sandy beach extends to the north and south of the river. The territory covers an flat area  T-shaped, which occupies the valley around the Aterno-Pescara and the coastal zone, north west and south west of the city extends to the surrounding hills. Hire a car is the best solution for those who want to leave the stress of public transport. RentalUp offers you the possibility to rent a low cost Car in Pescara and move in complete freedom, the driver will decide where to go, in absolute tranquility, at any time of the day or night, you can leave for the many beauties offered from the charming town of Abruzzo. Car hire is convenient and practical solution to this trip, you can enjoy a full holiday destination choice. Even for  who do arrived by plane, it is possible to hire a car at the International Airport of Abruzzo that receives the huge flow of tourists in summer, and in winter especially want to discover the beauty of Pescara.

    Glimpses of Pescara to admire

    church of  PescaraAmong the beautiful monuments there is the Cathedral of St. Cetteo, it is located in Via D'Annunzio, just south of the Pescara river, the area was previously called Pescara Portanuova, the Cathedral is named after the martyrdom of Bishop Cetteo, lived approximately between the sixth and seventh centuries (the Bishop of Cetteo Amiterno is also the patron of the city). Then there is to discover the Government Palace, built in 1927, it was designed by acclaimed architect Vincenzo Pilotti, the property overlooks Piazza Italy and is preceded by a charming garden adorned with a sculpture of the bust of D'Annunzio. Not to be missed is a recent construction, it is the Ponte di Mare, opened in 2009, a true work of art designed by Walter Pichler, the work has an important social value, makes it possible to connect the two Marine and the people of the opposite sides of the city. With a low cost car rental can then leave for the Fountain “La Neve”, is a sculptural work of great importance and prestige for the people having been donated by the artist Pietro Cascella to the city of Pescara, "La Neve" is made of precious Carrara marble and shines in the sun showing a rectangular shape, inside, bearing a sculpture of an old rowing boat (certainly the most famous work of art). Obligatory stop is the Risorgimento Bridge connects ti Piazze Unione with the left bank of Pescara, the work was built to replace the old bridge with wooden ships and iron, the architect Cesare Bazzani has not, however, simply wanted to design a structure carrier, has imbued "his creature" of art and stylistic refinement. Other place full of meaning is the Fortress Bourbon, Carlo V had it built in 1510. The building is in the shape of an irregular pentagon, at the top there are bastions that give rigor to the structure. In the Bourbon period the lower floor was twofold: it was used in part as a warehouse and in part as a prison or "penal colony" (which is called Fortress). In short, Pescara is rich in history and art, the solution "rent a car" is definitely the best way to be autonomy and independence. RentalUp give the possibility to everybody to choose the best low cost rental car for every needs.