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    Basilicata rental cars - Hiring a Camper Vans in Basilicata

    Between Puglia, Campania and Calabria, overlooking the Ionian Sea, the Gulf of Taranto and the Tyrrhenian Sea and also its capital power.

    The coat of arms of the region consists of a silver shield showing four bands blue waves representing the major rivers Lucan: Bradano Basento, Agri and Sinni.

    The territory of Basilicata is both mountainous and hilly, it has one great plain: the plain of Metaponto, and its climate is Mediterranean on the coast and continental on the mountains.

    History and beauty of Basilicata

    the beautiful sea of BasilicataIn the history of Basilicata stands out as the main economic factor is agriculture, but for several decades now, have been added industrial plants of Potenza and Matera, Melfi those chemical and mechanical Basento Valley, due to the presence of oil and gas that favored absolutely development in the region.

    Valuable and enviable are the craft products of Lucana land as: pottery, hand-woven and carved wood.

    Of course, thanks to its strategic location but also for its unique coastal Lucani, the beach tourism is booming and is the flagship of the economy during the summer and beyond.

    In addition to the natural beauty of coast, Basilicata is full of wonderful and unique archaeological finds dating back to different eras and offers its visitors a wide choice to visit them thanks to the many museums in the area. Among the most important we must remember those of Potenza, Matera, Melfi, Metaponto and Siritide.

    The uneven territory has created many problems for the development of road and rail, in fact many cities including the famous and visited Matera are few and limited trains, while the development of the only small airport in this region are started the enlargement work.

     Trip into the tradition and history of Potenza

    PotenzaThe city lies along an Apennines north of the Lucan Dolomites in the valley of Basento, crossed by the river of the same name and surrounded by several mountains. The city has a modern and numerous artifacts have been canceled due to numerous and devastating earthquakes  in recent decades in the region.

    Nevertheless, the region has managed to keep the works of the highest level, in fact, to visit with the various offers that the website offers you to rent a car in Potenza the ancient buildings wher there is the Cathedral of Romanesque origin, The Church of St. Francesco  with his take-century and a valuable Renaissance tomb in alabaster. Not far away from here there is the Church of St. Michele has three naves and three apses and the Church of St. Maria del Sepolcro.

    The Provincial Archaeological Museum collects little evidence of Lucania from the Paleolithic to the Roman age.

    Matera and its stones

    the stone of MateraThe city tour can start from the center six century, to continue the fascinating world of the Sassi UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. To enjoy the beauty and to reach them is advisable to hire a car in Matera choosing the numerous proposals that the site offers. The city is famous worldwide for the historic Sassi, recognized World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993 (first site in southern Italy to receive such recognition). In addition to the rocks there are several caves that are beautiful to visit and admire by various excursions.

    From  VIII until  XIII century,Matera became a refuge for persecuted monks and they have to numerous artistic works.

    its monuments are:

    Church of St. Domenico, Romanesque later rebuilt; Church of St. Francesco d’ Assisi, of ancient origin within which an organ and an eighteenth-century polyptych by Bartolomeo Vivarini, the Duomo with the slim bell tower with three floors and mullioned windows. In original capitals decorated with figures, painted ceiling and numerous paintings and sculptures as well as a precious stone nativity scene.