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    Low cost Car Rental in Calabria. hire Camper Vans in Calabria

    Calabria is a beautiful region, a place rich of archaeological, architectural and landscape above. In the five provinces that constitute it, Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria, Vibo Valentia, Italy Crotone and certainly there is to discover unique features. So if you are in the Calabria region for the holidays, the advice is to look for the the nearest and low cost Rental Car .

    The history of the chief town Catanzaro

    the city of CatanzaroComing by plane, you can take a rental car at the airport of Lamezia Terme and leave for the city of Catanzaro, located at the center of the region. It is known as the "City between two seas" and is located in the isthmus of Catanzaro, where only 30 km of land separate the Ionian Sea from the Tyrrhenian Sea. With your car hire in Catanzaro, you will be able to see at once, from northern districts of the city, if the weather is particularly clear, the two seas and the Aeolian Islands. Another peculiarity, Catanzaro is called the City of the three hills that correspond to the three hills represented in the symbol of the coat of arms, which are the hill of Saint Trifone (now St. Rocco), the hill of the Vescovato(now Piazza Duomo) and the Castle hill (now Castel San Giovanni). It is true what they say of Catanzaro  <<"Here I feel good, even very good, because it is here that it is more beautiful to live. In my geography is still being written between Catanzaro and the sea there are the Gardens of the Esperidi. >>"Then your tour to Calabria can only start in the best way.

    In the mountains and hills of the Province of Cosenza

    the view of Cosenza by nightGoing back to the highway A3to the north there is the province of Cosenza and it is the largest in the whole territory of the region of Calabria. RentalUp offers you the possibility to rent a car in Cosenza, at very competitive prices. The low cost car rental in Calabria offers cars, luxury cars, campers and vans. The area is spread between the hills and mountains. The city of Cosenza is the place of the main centers and scientific and cultural institutions in the region. Here is home to the largest university campus in Italy, located at the Arcavacata Rende. With your rentad car you can see the different layers of the history of the area from the Palaeolithic, through the old Greek, Roman, medieval obviously up to the present day.

    Reggio Calabria and Bronze Statues of Riace

    RiaceThe car rental in Calabria is also present in the city of Reggio Calabria. With the urban area Naples and Taranto, is home to one of the most important archaeological museums dedicated to Ancient Greece. This is the museum institution in which are kept the famous Bronze Statues. One of the rare examples of Greek bronze sculpture, which have become symbols of the city. Through recent excavations on the waterfront are also rekindled the ruins of one of the eight spas in the city in Roman times. The archaeological site known as the "Terme Romane, the Roman Baths" is one of the few examples of the period in which the city was one of the major metropolitan areas of Magna Graecia. Studies actually assume that the area of the bath is larger than the zone visited the site, and can be compared by extension, the Baths of Diocleziano.Arrive to  the town of Calabria and use a car rental in Reggio Calabria, is a very good choice for explore the beauty of this city

    Views and history of Crotone

    view of CrotoneThe city of Crotone was founded by Greek settlers from the region of Achaia (ie Achaeans) from'VIII B.C,the site of an existing native settlement and was one of the most important centers of Magna Graecia. The old town is developed in a maze of narrow alleys and squares up to the cathedral and the central square Pythagoras, the contact point between old and new town. It can also be reached by plane, and RentalUp, has a branch to offer tourists a rental car at the airport of Crotone at low cost prices.

    The city is located on the east side of Calabria, overlooking the Ionian Sea near the mouth of the river Esaro, and the municipality is part of the Authority of the inter-basin of the river Esaro. The municipality has an area of 179.83 km ² and is located 8 m above sea level. To visit the ancient city "Magna Grecia", you can hire a car in Crotone, choosing from a wide range of media. The climate is temperate. The winter is generally mild. Points of major are: the Basilica Cathedral  of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of the Santissimo Rosario,the Church of Santa Maria Prothospataris, the Palace Albani, the Waterfront Gramsci.