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    Car rental Catanzaro - low cost car rental Catanzaro

    CatanzaroAmong the main centers of Calabria, Catanzaro is a city rich in history, culture,traditions.It is the ideal place to discover the Calabrian coast where the sea and beautiful beaches are the top.



    The city and its attractions

    the streets of CatanzaroCar rental in Catanzaro is the ideal solution. RentalUp offers you many solutions to meet the mobility needs of every customer. What to see in Catanzaro? First of all, the splendid Cathedral which houses within it a statue of the patron saint San Vitaliano, after you have to see  the Basilica dell'immacolata and the Church of SS. Rosario dating back to 1400. Very interesting, then, to give yourself a little relaxation are the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park and the Green Villa Margherita, both located in the city.

    There are, finally, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, cinemas and entertainment for young people: Catanzaro is in fact a very big heart and a vital city, in every season of the year offers interesting events and concerts.



    From Catanzaro to the sea: the beautiful coast of Calabria

    SoveratoReach the sea from Catanzaro and discover the most famous and beautiful beaches of Calabria in Italy and is an absolute must for anyone who is in town just for a short time. For this the cheap car hire in Catanzaro over the network RentalUp is the perfect solution for visit in autonomy and freedom the famous Calabrian coast. Soverato is a destination not to be missed and is one of the most beautiful places in the Gulf of Squillace. The long stretch of white sand and clear blue sea make it perfect for every type of tourist, also the town of Soverato also worth a visit for its nice seafront and the many shops selling the local products as: the "Chili of Soverato"a famous for its spicy flavor.

    Do not miss another beach near Catanzaro is to Copanello Staletti with its expanse of golden sand interrupted by a characteristic cliff. Here you can swim and enjoy the sun in all relax, as well as focus the exploration of the seabed that are very rich and varied.




    Catanzaro and surroundings

    Lamezia TermeFrom the town on the Ionian coast of Calabria lead to more interesting places in quickly and easily if you use the car rental service in Catanzaro. Among the countries that are worth a visit is Lamezia Terme, to the north of in Catanzaro, which is an ideal destination for those looking for an oasis of relaxation and tranquility. Thanks to the presence of numerous spas, in fact Lamezia Terme is chosen each year by many people to enjoy beauty treatments and spa not far from the sea. It is located on the coast going northwards, however, Island of Capo Rizzuto worth reaching from Catanzaro with your rental car.

    Besides the sea of incomparable beauty, with numerous recreational facilities and tourist attractions, this resort offers an interesting historical center, dominated the baroque Cathedral and Castella, a stronghold of the '500 that was chosen to represent the city.