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    Reggio Calabria Airport Car Rental

    Reggio Calabria Airport

    Reggio Calabria Airport, also known as “Airport of the Strait”, is the second busiest one for passenger traffic in the region. It is famous for being the first airport built in Calabria.

    Its construction started at the beginning of the 1930s and it was originally used as a military airport until, in the middle of the Second World War, it was bombed by the Allies, becoming unusable.

    Its use as a civil airport started after the end of the conflict and the first enlargement works began at the end of the 1960s. Over the years, other modernization works have been carried out, making this airport one of the most modern ones in the region.

    Among the most important connections, there are those to Rome and Milan. From the airport you can reach the centre of Reggio Calabria in short time, because it is just 6 km far from the airport.

    Reggio Calabria Airport Car Rental

    The Riace Bronzes and other attractions in Reggio Calabria

    Once landed and picked your rental car up at Reggio Calabria Airport, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can start to discover Reggio Calabria, very rich place from the artistic and historical points of view. The symbol of the city is the Riace Bronzes, which are in the National Archaeological Museum.

    Not much is known about this work: who are the authors and the figures portrayed is a mystery, but the analysis of the material tells us that they come from Argos and probably date back to the V century B.C., while they where found under the sea in the 1970s.

    Their importance is due to the fact that they are a very rare case of bronze statue belonging to the Greek period of high stylistic level that have come down to us. A place you should certainly visit is the Cathedral, the biggest religious building in Calabria: the various restoration works left an architectonical imprint of Liberty style on it, that makes it one of the symbols of the city.

    Among the most famous religious buildings, there is the Church of the Ottimati, whose history was marked by earthquakes and wars; its architectonical structure is Arabian-Norman and vies for the title of most important historic building in Reggio Calabria with the Aragon Castle. Lastly, in addition to the Archaeological Museum mentioned above, we have to mention the Statue of Garibaldi, near the train station of the city.

    Low Cost Reggio Calabria Airport Car Rental

    A dip in the sea of Reggio Calabria and surroundings

    Reggio Calabria and its surroundings are also famous for the presence of some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Among the many of them. The beaches of Bova Marina and Bagnara Calabra deserve a special mention.

    The first one is less than 50 km from Reggio Calabria and is a beach where gravel and white sand are combined, while the second one is in the homonym municipality and extends for three km.

    With a car rented at Reggio Calabria Airport, you can reach the beautiful beaches of the surroundings of the Calabrian chief town.

    Reggio Calabria

    Car Rental with no credit card at Reggio Calabria Airport

    Thanks to RentalUp, you can pick your rental car up at Reggio Calabria Airport, also if you do not have a credit card! It is very easy!

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    Reggio Calabria Airport Car Rental without Credit Card
    Reggio Calabria Car Rental