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    Car rental airport Parma - Hire car airport Verdi

    Airport Verdi of ParmaCar rental is definitely one of the best solutions for those who arrive at the airport and have to move at a time of a resort; 

    RentalUp offers you the possibility to choose between various models of low cost car rental at the airport of Parma, the city center is just nine minutes by car from here. Choosing a rental car at the airport Verdi you can make to turn the beauties of which Parma (capital of Emilia Romagna) is very rich.

    Here we go! : Glimpses of Parma

    ParmaThe first step is definitely Piazza Grande, a hole where wea the public, religious and political life of Roman Parma, on it overlooks the beautiful Cathedral which is one of the most important architectural processed in the city. To the left of the cathedral you can admire the Baptistery in Gothic style; moving easily you can get to the Church of St. Giovanni Evangelista inside you can admire beautiful frescoes depicting the passage of the Saint in the City of Parma. Then there is the Parco Ducale, one of the many parks in the city, it takes the rules from the sixteenth century Palazzo Ducale situated not far from here. Not to be missed for any reason is the National Gallery of Parma located in the Palace of Pilotta, is very important as it houses the works of the great figures of art, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Parmigianino, Annibale Caracci and Correggio. In the north-east of the city, with its majestic structure overlooks the Carthusian Certosa of Parma built by around the end of 1200, around Parma there are also many castles, palaces and fortresses. Throughout the city you can also enjoy the culinary delicacies, if Parma is defined as "the valley of taste" one reason is thank to the quality of its dishes. Moving comfortably with the rental car you can go in the many taverns, restaurants and bars where you can taste the traditional dishes of Parma; "gnocco fritto" and "fried cake." In addition,: Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano, two famous dishes in every corner of the continent for their quality and uniqueness. In short, all steps required which can be done by navigating with a convenient cheap rental car.The car will be available in the airport of Parma and the tourist will only have to decide the destination (without pressure, connections and times).