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    Car rental Parma - Low cost Rental car Parma

    View of ParmaThe city of Parma is a tourist pearl little known in Italy. Arriving by train or by plane in the ducal city might need a means of transport at the same time allowing you to move with fast and full autonomy. For this reason, the search for a car hire in Parma can be met thanks to RentalUp. What could be better, therefore, to a tourist visit to the city of Emilia aboard a rented car? Called Little capital, Parma is a wealth of culture, art, history and tradition quite difficult to find in other cities in Europe: not only the fantastic left of the Renaissance, but also finds and monuments of the medieval period, the splendor of decades farnesiani and reconstruction to the Bourbons have left the city with a remarkable heritage. Do not forget the possibility for those who travel by plane and come from distant countries to take advantage to hire a car at the airport Verdi


    Culture, history: Parma, a world to discover

    city of ParmaAfter getting to the car rental in Parma, therefore, our journey can start from Piazza Duomo, which houses the Cathedral and the Baptistery: the first, an impressive example of Romanesque masterpiece enhanced by Correggio in the cupola, and the second, artistic jewel medieval work of the famous architect Benedetto Antelami. Then the tour by car may continue in the direction of the Palatina Library, which has a inestimable collection of books expression of the Enlightenment, and the Bodoni Museum, where you can find the assets immense printer. And again, we will go to the Teatro Farnese, one of the world's largest wooden theaters, and the National Gallery, with masterpieces of Correggio and Parmigianino. And why not get in the way to the Archaeological Museum? From there, you can visit the Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata, which some would even work by Leonardo da Vinci. Do not miss, then, is the Palazzo Ducale. Rather small town, Parma has small masterpieces in every corner, even in the less known and more distant from the center: for this reason, a complete tour of the place can not have a car, which makes traveling easier (more so in the presence of unfavorable weather conditions, rain or shine too hot). Establish a fixed route may prove to be restrictive and inconvenient: much better, then, to rent a car.Parma is a true masterpiece of Emilia Romagna, decorated and enriched by monuments, palaces and extraordinary squares, they deserve to be traveled and crossed a after the other with the utmost care.