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    Car rental Rimini - Low cost hire car Rimini

    Rimini cityRimini is the main town of the Romagna by population. Summer resort of international fame, extends for 15 km along the coast of the Adriatic Sea with hotels, nightclubs, bathing and sports facilities. Summer is the peak season for tourism and most obviously tourists arriving in Rimini by plane and they have the possibility to hire a car at the airport Fellini, to move freely, leaving aside the stress and pressure of public transport (or the trouble of walking).

    Rimini Adriatic pearl

    Rimini - Arco AugustoAmong the sights that you can visit and get peace of mind through the rental car in Rimini, the Church of S. Chiara on which, the miracle of the Virgin of Mercy, around the end of the eighteenth century, the painting began to move their eyes and, lasting for a long time, the phenomenon attracted many faithful (so as to require the construction of the architectural solution) . Another beauty not to be missed is the Augusto Park, in honor of the Roman emperor, and the monument, is one of the oldest in Roman history, this period served as a door for the entrance of the city center, but during the Nazi period, this function has been destroyed. Another surprise to visit with the convenience low cost car rental in Rimini, is the Palazzo del Podesta, as the name implies it was the residence of the Lord of the city (well, the current mayor). The palace have been many improvements made necessary by the earthquakes of the early twentieth century, between the inserts we have the three "pointed" on the main facade (which recall those found earlier). Other? Of course. There is Amintore Galli Theatre, this building has seen his inauguration with a concert of the famous starch Giuseppe Verdi. The war has caused extensive damage, and the original structure remained almost intact only the ground floor and the restoration of 1970 made it possible to reconstruct the upper floor.

    Not only art in Rimini, there is everything, the younger have probably heard of the "nightlife" made in Rimini. With convenient rental car you can easily move from one club to another, which in the summer, see the "sold-out" every night. During the day you can also relax on the beautiful beaches, the solution offered by RentalUp really allows you to meet all your needs, even the most demanding have the possibility of being able to fully enjoy all the splendor of the city of Rimini. Can move freely at any time of the day or night (which is impossible with the use of means of transport), can admire the artistic and architectural beauty with all the necessary tranquility to enjoy the history of these monuments.