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    Rome Fiumicino Airport Car Rental

    Airport Fiumicino RomeRome Fiumicino Airport is definitely one of the most important airport in our country as passenger traffic, because it is the first airport in the area of the capital, an important center for the economy and tourism, because it is an intercontinental airport in which aircrafts depart and arrive from all over the world. To rent a car from Fiumicino Airport, you can visit RentalUp's website, which provides courtesy and reliability, as well as the possibility of low cost car rental. Booking with RentalUp at the airport of Fiumicino through the website, offers you the possibility to choose a car according to your needs and go comfortably to the final destination of your journey, with no worries.

    Towards Roman landscapes

    RomeStarting from Fiumicino airport with one of the RentalUp cars, you can head to the north, in the area of Lake Bracciano, an extraordinary natural reserve under the protection of the territory, reachable in less than 50 minutes. The lake is surrounded by three towns, Bracciano, Anguillara and Trevignano, offering visitors all the services they need for a relaxing holiday. Seaside resorts are very popular, especially in summer, thanks to the mild and not particularly sultry climate. During the autumn, the surroundings are colored red and create wonderful chromatic suggestions that make forests and villages unique. Continuing to the north, just an hour and a half by car you can reach Capalbio, the pearl of the Toscana Maremma, few kilometers far away from one of the most beautiful coastlines of Italy, in front of the Monte Argentari.

    Rome beach: sun, sea and relax

    Rome beachHowever, if you decide to head south with your rented car at the airport of Fiumicino, in an hour you can reach two of the most popular coast destinations of Lazio, Anzio, a town with the noble roots from ancient Rome, whose ruins and monuments are still preserved today; Anzio has given birth to two of the great Emperors of Rome, Caligula and Nero not far away from Anzio is Nettuno, which it shares with the town adjoining the origins and history, creating almost a single urban agglomeration.

    Continuing to the south with rental car by RentalUp, you can reach one of the most beautiful places of Lazio, the Natural Park of Circeo, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, just an hour and a half by car, which lies between the towns Ponza, Latina, San Felice Circeo and Sabaudia. A massive cliff that slope gently down to the sea, where the hand of man is there, but it is almost irrelevant, while preserving the beauty and sacredness of these areas. In the days without haze, you can see from Mount Circeo as well as the summit of Vesuvius which dominates the Bay of Naples not far away. The dunes of Circeo is a sight, especially in the spring when many plants bloom color the coast with their bright colors that contrast with the blue sea. In Circeo it is possible to see many important archaeological sites such as the ruins of Circe with the Villa of Domiziano.

    You can rent a car even if you don't have a credit card (bancomat, visa electron, mastercard debit) postepay or prepaid cards!

    How can I do it? You just have to start the search, inserting the locations, the dates and the times of pick-up and drop-off. To see only the cars rentable without credit card, click on the "no credit card" filter. This way, RentalUp will show the cars you can rent without a credit a card! Choose the offer you prefer and click on the most suitable car category or you!