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    Colombo Genoa Airport Car Hire - Cheap car rental Columbus Airport

    Airport Cristoforo Colombo of GenoaThe car rental is a major opportunity to all those come by plane in Genoa and need a way to get around the city. This is the service offered by RentalUplow cost rental car at the airport Cristoforo Colombo, a useful opportunity, especially considering that the structure of Sestri is six kilometers far away from the center of the city, and the taxis rates are expensive. Renting a car at Genoa airport, you have the ability to move a car at your disposal at any time without having to spend a lot of money for a taxi

    History and tradition: Genoa and its villages

    monument of GenoaOnce in the car, you can take a tour. Starting point can only be the Villa del Principe Doria, located a few hundred meters far away  from the station: built by Admiral Andrea Doria, directly overlooking the sea it is the home to precious tapestries and a fantastic Italian garden. Along Via Andrea Doria comes in via San Paolo, where you can admire the Church of San Giovanni di Pré: once a land of welcome for sailors, now a sacred place, where, you can continue to breathe the atmosphere of a time. Continuing the journey behind the wheel of the car provided by the site, covering the entire route of Via Pré, it coming in via Baldi, where there is the Palazzo Balbi Senarega, dating back to the sixteenth century. This is also where the Royal Palace, residence of the Savoy in the nineteenth century, and the Convent of the Jesuits, hosts the local University. After Via Balbi, you get to Piazza Annunziata, which stands the Palazzo Belimbau, so you can turn in the direction of Via delle Fontane and observe Porta dei Vacca or alternatively continue on Via Cairoli with destination Piazza della Meridiana.

    Fantasy on the table: typical Genoese

    pesto GenoveseAfter an obligatory stop in one of the traditional restaurants in the city, where you can enjoy the classic pansotti with walnuts or trofie with pesto, the road trip continues on to Via Garibaldi, elegant and sumptuous way that brings to mind the power that Genoa could enjoy in the sixteenth century. on this street stands Palazzo Pallavicini, Spinola Palace and Palazzo Doria, that the buildings belonged to the aristocratic and wealthiest families of the city. A deviation in the direction of the Church of the Madeleine will arrive in Piazza Fontane Marose. It 'clear, in short, that Genoa is worth a visit carefully in the car. So, thank RentalUp  you can arrive at the airport in Genoa and from there take a rental car that will travel anywhere in the city quickly

    You can rent a car even if you don't have a credit card (bancomat, visa electron, mastercard debit) postepay or prepaid cards!

    How can I do it? You just have to start the search, inserting the locations, the dates and the times of pick-up and drop-off. To see only the cars rentable without credit card, click on the "no credit card" filter. This way, RentalUp will show the cars you can rent without a credit a card! Choose the offer you prefer and click on the most suitable car category for you!