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    Hire car Marche - Hire of Camper Vans and car Marche

    The Marche are located on the side of the middle Adriatic and employ approximately 9365.86 km ² of Italian territory that extends from the Conca river at the north and the river Tronto at the south, to the west the region is limited Apennines. It has a characteristic shape of an irregular pentagon and develops mostly longitudinally from north-west to south-east. A mountainous area is formed from the Apennines Umbro-Marchigiano. In the coastal zone the climate is subcontinental at north of Ancona with different temperature from season to season: hot summers, but refreshed by the sea breeze, cold winters with seasonal rain. The scenery changes constantly: from plowed fields  to the countless hills covered with vineyards and completely green. Just a few curves to change the landscape, a bright yellow of a field of sunflowers and you are in front of the blue sea. Countries emerge in the distance on top of the hills and is easy to recognize, even from a distance, small castles or palaces, churches and monasteries that abound here. You can walk along dirt roads that lead to farmhouses surrounded by greenery and flanked by oak trees or run into monasteries or hermitages completely isolated. The Renaissance was a golden age for all brands, rich in works of art that can be discovered by visiting the its villages or towns: Montefeltro, Urbino, Camerino, Ascoli Piceno, Loreto, Ancona and many others.Don’t forget to also visit the natural beauties such as the spectacular caves of Frasassi, the shady paths of Monte Conero with breathtaking shots of the sea or the peaks of the Sibillini Mountains.

    Ascoli Piceno: historic charm

    Ascoli PicenoThe city is located in the southern part of the Marche region and is 28 km far away from the Adriatic Sea. To visit the city for tourists and who do not have a vehicle, there is a possibility to rent a car in Ascoli Piceno to admire the numerous works throughout the city. Its city center is situated at an altitude of 154m., In the confluence of the river Tronto and Castellano river, surrounded on three sides by mountains, among which there are the mountains of the Ascensione, the hill of San Marco and the Montagne dei  Fiori (mountain of flower). Its territory is surrounded by two natural protected areas: the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park to the south and the Sibillini Mountains to the north-west. The architectural harmony of the historic center born in the Middle Ages on Roman ruins. The city is characterized by the color of warm travertine they are made of houses, palaces, churches, bridges and towers. There are two main squares: Piazza del Popolo, quiet "room" with town halls and arcades century and in the background the Gothic Church of St. Francesco from the bustling polygonal apses which arise between two slender towers. Next to the church ther is the Cloister Major now used for the public market. The other square is The Arringo square with the Cathedral which stands on the ruins of an ancient Roman basilica. Inside a valuable polyptych by Carlo Crivelli. Next to the cathedral stands the Baptistery with octagonal shape.


    The charming Pesaro is admired

    Large Ball of PesaroPesaro is the second largest city by population in the region after the capital Ancona. The city extends beyond the municipal boundaries and incorporates several other municipalities which Sant'Angelo in Lizzola, Montelabbate, and Colbordolo. Pesaro on the Adriatic Sea and has a sandy beach that can be reached with car hire in Pesaro that will help you discover the fantastic scenarios. The town lies between two hills, Mount Ardizio to south-east and the hill of San Bartolo to the west-northwest, which gives its name to the Regional Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo. The city is "small", but nice. Leaning on the rock Costanza, on the right of the river Foglia, it expands to the Adriatic. Of the XVI century still preserves ancient atmospheres. The center of the city is the Piazza del Popolo embellished by the seventeenth-century fountain with sea horses and tritons. There are the Palazzo Ducale now occupied by the Prefecture, the Church of St. Ubaldo and the building of the Post. To visit the sixteenth Church of St. John the Baptist,the Church of S. Agostino with Venetian Gothic portal, where the wooden stalls are beautiful carved and inlaid. The Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie where the Gothic portal is decorated with reliefs and sculptures.


    Ancona: wonders enclosed in its heart

    AnconaThe town lies in an amphitheater on the foothills of Mount Conero. To visit the city if you are a tourist and you come from outside it is possible to rent a car in Ancona to discover the hidden wonders anconesi. The old part is considered that under the Basilica of St. Ciriaco dedicated to the sailors and the modern spreads past the headland. Places to visit: the Mole Vanvitelliana or Lazzaretto pentagonal, The Church of Sant'Agostino with a great and rich portal, Piazza della Repubblica the city center  where there is the Church of SS. Sacramento and the Teatro delle Muse. The Loggia dei Mercanti the lovely Venetian Gothic facade. The Romanesque Church of St. Maria with its unique façade. The Significant Piazza del Plebiscito next to the Government Palace. The Church of St. Domenico preceded by an imposing staircase with two ramps, the Fountain of the 13 Spouts or Calamo, the Basilica of St. Ciriaco one of the most interesting medieval churches in the Marches. To visit the city for those arrive by plane there is the possibility to rent a car at the Falconara airport.