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    Car rental in Ancona - Low cost hire cars Ancona

    AnconaAncona is a seaside city with ancient origins dating back to 387 BCThis city offers a lot to its visitors: monuments of the old streets of the city to its natural harbor (the largest of the Adriatic Sea), beaches, villages of the coastand andthe historic towns on Apennines.


    What to visit in Ancona, information

    Mole Vanvitelliana in AnconaAncona is a provincial capital as well as that of the Marche region. It is ideally located on a promontory overlooking the more modern part of the city and the most largest natural harbor in Italy (the true symbol of Ancona), which protects the coast with an arm of land not artificial.The historic center of Ancona is rich in monuments and historic buildings such as the three municipal buildings (the Senate building, the building of the Anziani, the palace of the Government). Other points of interest are the Citadella, Ferretti palace with the Archaeological Museum of Natural Marche, the many squares and the many churches considered masterpieces of Italian as the Piazza del Papa, Santa Maria della Piazza and the Cathedral of San Ciriaco (named after the patron saint of the city). In the Cathedral Museum is preserved sarcophagus of Gorgonio. How could we not mention the Mole Vanvitelliana, pentagonal, used in the past as Lazzaretto and warehousing.

    In areas adjacent to Ancona you can visit several archaeological sites of inestimable importance, speaking of the various civilizations that have lived in the area (Etruscan, pre-Roman, Roman, and Greek Piceno). Among the many attractions is the Guasco hill with the famous Greek Acropolis, the Arch of Trajan, the Pincio park, the ruins of the baths and Mount Pelago.In addition to downtown, parks, hill towns, the city offers numerous beaches such as Passetto or  Palombina which are respectively low and rough and rocky for swimming. You can reach Ancona by plane, and thanks to RentalUp, you can hire a cheap  Car  at Falconara airport of Ancona, saving time and money to visit the Marche town.


    The handicrafts and culinary delights of Ancona

    AnconaThe city of Ancona also boasts ancient works such as wrought iron, textiles and wicker not disappoint with his centuries-old dishes of food. Those who visit this area can enjoy  eat the vincisgrassi, the potacchio lamb, fish soup, dried fish all'anconetana the mosciolo, the saraghina, cuttlefish with peas and tasty cakes traditions. Do not disappoint even the wine (Vin Santo, Vernaccia, Verdicchio, red Conero). Car rental in Ancona is available at various points located in the city or at the airport Falconara. Ancona reach by train or plane, and you can use  the offers by RentalUp Car allows you not only to visit the city, but to get to the beaches of Senigallia and Fano, Rimini and Riccione, the hills and the cities of Jesi, Camerino and Porto Recanati .

    The car rental companies present at Ancona are: Auto Europe, Avis, Car Rental Magellan, Europcar, Maggiore, Sixt and Hertz.Through the section on reservations in advance you can check the availability of cars and eventually finalize the order at no additional cost.