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    Piedmont rental cars - Hire motorhomes and Vans and Piedmont

    The Piedmont is the second region of Italy for extension and it is considered by anyone who has visited a lovely place, rich in history and natural beauty unique in its kind.

    The main mountain ranges are the Alps, which encircle the region to the west and north, and the Apennine Mountains, on the border of Liguria and Emilia-Romagna thus constitute a natural boundary, therefore, the region has a temperate climate typically sub-continental and becomes progressively on the Alp the temperature become colder .

    Turin and its Mole Antonelliana

    La Mole AntonellianaThe Piedmont is fortunate to have several airports, but the main one, is Torino-Caselle with the largest passenger flow. In the airport ,RentalUp, allows you to book a car and have the convenience of finding it ready on arrival and be able to start to discover the beautiful landscapes of Piedmont. RentalUp is the car rental for excellence in Piedmont in major cities and allows you to have cars, vans, motorbikes and motor homes, saving you money with a low cost policy. Just arrived, the visitor can always thanks, to the website,to hire a car at the airport Turin-Caselle, to go to visit the city of Turin, home to about one million inhabitants, and is rich in architectural treasures of inestimable historical value and cultural.

    The tour of the castles in Turin

    Valentino Castle of TurinTo make the tour of the castles, it is advisable to rent an electric scooter, so that in absolute silence and in harmony with nature can visit the Porta Palatina with Roman remains, the Casaforte Acaja, and the Palazzo Carignano, in which second half of 1800 has been the seat of the chamber of Deputies.

    To visit the city center instead we recommend a Rental Car Deals, taking a small car, even with the automatic transmission for greater freedom in the guide and to admire the beauties of Turin also the steering wheel.

    Do not miss the Mole Antonelliana symbol of the city, the bronze horse in front of the arcades of the Piazza San Carl, the Royal Palace, the Palazzo Madama, The Villa della Regina, the Turin Cathedral and the Castle of Valentino, who is the headquarters of architecture at the Politecnico di Torino. To fully enjoy the artistic and architectural vestiges of the city of Piedmont, is very useful hire at low cost prices a car in Turin.


    The quiet town of Cuneo

    View of CuneoIt isalso essential to visit the city of Cuneo, in absolute freedom by rental car that makes you enjoy the beauty of this town. For lovers of the mountain, also, can reach the nearby Alps, which dominate and protect the region, browsing the website ,will be happy to recommend the car more suitable for each use, a station wagon for those who must carry the equipment climbing or a sleek sedan for those who appreciate the curves of the mountains. For those traveling by plane there is a possibility to hire a car in Cuneo to lose nothing of all that the city offers also for who coming from far away.

    The main towns in Piedmont

    The main towns in PiedmontThe site is also active in the provinces of Asti, Biella, Vercelli, Novara, Alessandria and Verbano-Cusio Ossola. In all locations of Piedmont RentalUp welcomes  tothe visitor and accompanies him for all duration of the holiday. Especially recommended is the hire car in Asti, a strategic point to begin a tour through the beautiful of Piedmont. Its hallmark is the Troyana tower, dating from the medieval period down, and with the fountain in Piazza Medici, attracts numerous tourists visits.

    The characteristic of the city are the many villages or neighborhoods, which draw on the expertise parochial precisely are 14 wards in the oldest part of the city, in the thirteenth century. Each is governed by its own statutes, and all participate in the social and religious life of the city.