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    Cheap rental car airport Turin - rantal car airport Caselle

     Airport Caselle of TurinRenting a car in Turin airport can be an essential requirement for many people, not just workers and professionals have come to Turin for business, but also ordinary tourists, Italians and foreigners who need a means of transport to move between the streets of the city. RentalUp is the ideal solution for all these people: the use of a rental car at the airport of Caselle allows them to move in complete autonomy and independence. It is worth highlighting, in fact, that among the Caselle airport and the city center there are ten miles away. is clear you need a car, in fact, a car rented can be used at any time, but especially in the evening or at night when public transport (metro, train, tram and bus) are slow or stoped.

    The city of Turin: fascinating to discover

    view of turinTurin is a fantastic city, the receptacle of cultural events, art, history and tradition. The former capital of the Kingdom of Italy attracts every year hundreds of thousands of tourists, attracted by the majesty of the river Po, by the flavors of Piedmont cuisine, the nightlife of nights on the Murazzi, but also by museums, the Museum of Cinema in the Mole Antonelliana , and sport facilities built during the 2006 Winter Olympics. In short, a city that is worth visiting in length and breadth, but, being very large, it takes several trips and quick. Thats why renting a low cost can become a great opportunity: to move quietly and independently (that is, without having to depend on public transportation and their problems,from one side of the city. Turin is also university city par excellence, with the school, but not only. So, even for students of universities could need a car.

    The possibility of renting a car at the airport Caselle allows, first, to save the cost of the trip from Turin Caselle and above to manage their movements in total autonomy from the outset, deciding which places to visit. A visit to the city can not miss a stop to the aforementioned Mole Antonelliana but also to the Royal Palace, the historical museum of artillery, the monumental porticoes, the Egyptian Museum (the most famous in the world after Cairo), the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista (where the Holy Shroud), Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Carignano (home to the first national parliament) and the Savoy Gallery. All precious and unforgettable places, where culture, historical heritage and artistic traditions (including architecture) are mixed in a marriage definitely magical and irresistible.


    You can rent a car even if you don't have a credit card (bancomat, visa electron, mastercard debit) postepay or prepaid cards!

    How can I do it? You just have to start the search, inserting the locations, the dates and the times of pick-up and drop-off. To see only the cars rentable without credit card, click on the "no credit card" filter. This way, RentalUp will show the cars you can rent without a credit a card! Choose the offer you prefer and click on the most suitable car category for you!