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    Cagliari Car Rental - cheap Car Hire in Cagliari

    CagliariRenting a car in Cagliari may represent a fundamental requirement for most of tourists, who arrive in the Sardinian capital by plane or ferry without a car. Cagliari is the city of sunbut also an industrial center, cultural and touristic whose long history includes millions and millions of stories. Located in the middle of the bay enclosed by capo Carbonara e capo Spartivento. The Sardinian capital deserves to be visited for one time. Particularly those who travel and arrive to Cagliari by plane can take advantage of the opportunity to rent a car at the Elmas Airport. It is a requirement which can not be waived.The trip in the city have to start fromPiazza Palazzo, where is located the cathedral in the old neighborhood Castello.Here you can admire the majesty of the building, erected nine centuries ago entitled: Santa Maria, The Cathedral maintains an austere and authoritarian, aspect while the interior is absolutely beautiful. From here you can go to the "Il Corsaro", the best restaurant in Cagliari, which offers kitchen floor and exceptional seafood. The tour on board the car may continue to Via Martini which allows to reach Piazza Indipendenza .It is here that lies the Citadel Museum, located in the area where once stood the Military Arsenal.

    History and charm of Cagliari

    monument of CagliariWithin the Citadel you can visit the National Archaeological Museum, fantastic source of artifacts Byzantine, Phoenician and Nuraghic. Once you exit the museum and jump back in the car, you can cross  Porta Cristiana, and proceed slowly - enjoying the scenery - long Buoncammino street. From here you can’t miss the  Pasticceria Piemontese Onother point of Cagliari is rappresented by the Castle of St Michele) Take the car to visit this jewel will be essential, since the fort is located a top a hill (the castle of San Michele) surrounded by a shady park and a large. The building, formerly belonging to the Spanish Carroz, had obvious defensive role, but it was also used as a hospital during the plague. From the hill you can see, il golfo degli Angeli e la piana del Campidano. After the cultural  sees sighting you can go back to town and shopping, at Azienda Zedda Piras, manufacturer of the famous myrtle liqueur. Thank you to RentalUp, rent car to Cagliari is very easy and cheap. Visit the beauty of the Sardinian capital aboard a vehicle directly chosen by us will only be a pleasant experience, not to be missed.