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    Olbia Car Rental - cheap Car for Hire in Olbia

    harbor of Olbia

    People arriving  in the territory of Olbia by train, ferry or boat, clearly need to rent a car to get around easily and without problems. RentalUp  epresents the ideal solution for who wish to rent a car in Olbia, at a reduced price and with practical and effective services. This is an opportunity not to be missed especially for the thousands of tourists who arrive every year in Sardinia. Also for who arrive by plane there is the possibility to rent a car at the Smeralda airport, to admire the natural and architectural beauty of this city. You can admire the Palazzotto Umbertino, built in the nineteenth century, which houses the Museo Civico  and the municipal library; the chiesa di San Paolo (Church of St. Paul), with majolica dome dating back to the war and ornaments of granite.

    Olbia: Enchanting wonderland 

    Monument of Olbia

    Once you rented a low cost car low cost in Olbia with RentalUp, you can make a spectacular tourist tour, starting from Chiesa di San Simplicio, built in Romanesque style shortly after the year 1000. From there proceed to the harbor, built in the thirties, connected to the mainland by a dike. Olbia is a city not very populous, but rather broad, for this reason, to visit it entirely you need to rent a car. On the car granted by Rental      Up, you will enjoy the natural treasures of the sea, but also the most important monuments: the Punic walls, still visible in some places, the Roman aqueduct; the  Tombe dei Giganti al Pozzo Sacro di Sa Testa, the Theatre overlooking the Gulf and Simpliciana Library. The ruins in the countryside and the Farm S'Imbalconadu the deserve to be seen and the historical center, with buildings and streets that seem coming from another era.

    sea and sun: representing the city

    Coast of Olbia

    Do not miss the panoramic view of the waterfront by car to the discovery of interesting corners (as  Redipuglia street and Crispi square ) A land of natural architectural and beauty, Olbia is a repository of art, culture, history (even prehistoric) and good food :definitely a great mix. Getting a car, to move from one part of the city quickly and comfortably,is in fact, great way to take advantage of every element of beauty of the place: from the smell of salt air and sea freight, to taste typical dishes of Sardinian, the smell of Carasau bread and Porceddu meat, the beauty of the architectural heritage of the place. The car will be useful especially in the evenings and at night, in the absence of public transport to reach the more remote beaches and resorts (but for this most beautiful, because they are less known and - consequently - less pristine). It 's clear, then, that taking a car hire in Olbia you can enjoy to reach the beauty of the city,. RentalUp guarantee a  experienced and confident service and economicaly advantageous offers. Why not take advantage?