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    Trapani Birgi Airport Car Rental

    Airport Brigi of Trapani

    To rent a car, especially low cost, is a requirement of many tourists who arrive at the airport of Trapani, the service offered by RentalUp is absolutely comfortable, friendly with very low prices. To rent a car in Trapani is possible in this way, got off the plane you can begin a long travel to discover the beauty of this area. The advantage of this solution is that you can move along when and where you want, abandoning the stress caused by waiting for city buses or other forms of public transport.

    Start the tour: Trapani waiting you

    beach of Trapani

    If you rent a car from Brigi, you can move  to the famous salt where you can move to the embarkation points for the most famous and beautiful small islands: Merettimo, Favignana e Levanzo. After moving to the city of Trapani you can see behind him, Monte Erice, imposing and majestic, it is a medieval town full of narrow streets and villages. Modernity is in contrast with the past, tradition blends with innovation and culture mixes the mundane. With the solution of the rental cars in Trapani Brigi you can move in the morning to the beautiful and architectural buildings and in the evening, you can go to the nightclub.With RentalUp is possible to rent a car at very low prices, choose the model and use the rental just outside at the airport. This Sicilian city is absolutely a must-visit in Sicily, specially for its "contamination" cultural, fact reflects the Arab culture, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Norman. A name of the city is “Città delle cento chiese” ("City of a hundred churches") the reason is easily understood and, if not all, most can easily be visited in total independence. The solution “rent a car” allows you to make full and enjoy the beautiful buildings of this territory; those visiting the churches, is immediately aware of the Baroque culture of these places for example the church of the Anime Sante del Purgatorio (Church of the Holy Souls in Purgatory) and the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo. Walking through the streets of Old Town is known how they were built entirely of stone bases; then You can visit the beautiful and majestic sanctuary of Santissima Madonna Annunziata venerated by the people of Trapani. So hiring a car in Trapani you can visit many places very far apart, but absolutely worth it to be admired.