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    Hiring cars in Trentino - Low cost car rental in Trentino

    The Trentino-Alto Adige is the most northern Italian region and it is almost completely mountainous. The mountain ranges rise up to elevations of 2700-3900 m. To the south, the shore of Lake Garda situated  70 m above sea level. Its northern part is called the Val Venosta, while to the south of Rovereto, it is called Vallagarina to the entrance of the river in the Po Valley just north of Verona. The major cities are located in the Adige Valley  and are:Trento and Bolzano. The climate of Trentino-Alto Adige can be defined transition between the semi-continental climate and alpine.

    Bolzano: fabulous views

    BolzanoBolzano, founded in the twelfth century by the Prince Bishop of Trent, he received the title of city in 1268. The climate of the city, located in a mountain valley, appears to be continental with winter minimum temperatures usually below zero and maximum summer also over 35 ° C; precipitations are not very abundant. This beautiful city is known for its characteristic historical center, the museums and castles, which Castel Roncolo and Castel Mareccio. Rich in museums castles and gardens is also near the center of Merano, a must visit. A few kilometers from Bolzano, in a charming and magical, is Lake Carezza, that frieze, in the past, the presence of Agatha Christie, Princess Sissi and Winston Churchill. To reach all the beauty of the area you can rent a car in Bolzano, or, for those who arrive by plane there is the possibility to rent a cheap  car at the airport Dolomiti Bolzano, being one of the most liveable cities in Italy, has a rarely flowing with traffic jams, with the exception of peak hours. As for parking, the car hirer must pay attention to the colored areas, because the white stripes shall be used for residents who need to show their zonal marking. However, parking for non-residents abound: the Maso of the Piave and the parking the Fiera are, for example free, while there are also paid parking, especially in the center: Via Mayr Nusser or at the indoor stadium, or the City Parking in the central square. In order to facilitate the tourists that come with the car rental in Bolzano there are also several areas that adopt the system "Park 'n go": it comes to places where you can park your car safely and then we move to the center, using the pubblic transport.

    Trento where  thehistory and culture are intertwined

    TrentinoThe city of Trento is situated in the valley of the Adige river, about 150 km from the source of the river, 55 km south of Bolzano and 100 km north of Verona, 200 km north of Rovigo and 250 km from its mouth. The city of Trento is located in the middle of an urban area including longitudinally between Mezzolombardo and Rovereto and extending east to the Valsugana, to the town of Pergine. Trento offers great facilities for guests of the occasion. It also offers many pearls for tourists: art, culture, history and environmental treasures of the capital of Trentino are a destination not to be missed. To move freely in the city, but also to organize your trips, it is necessary to use a service car rental. For those who arrive in this beautiful town, and did not provide a transport, you can rent a car in Trento, thanks to which you can easily reach the historic center and enjoy the Diocesan Museum, the Buonconsiglio Castle, the Palace of Albere and the Trento Museum of Natural Sciences, boutiques, typical restaurants and trendy bars. Also essential to hire a car to reach the destinations most popular mountain for winter sports, or to go to the Valley of Lakes, to enjoy a well-deserved rest, or to relax and rely on the specialized care of the many players in the spa industry.