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    Car rental Bolzano - cheap car hire Bolzano

    BolzanoCity often not considered by the Italians when they have to choose a tourist route, Bolzano, capital of Alto Adige (or South Tyrol, as you prefer to call it), is a true gem of our country, which deserves to be more appreciated. For all the tourists who want to make a tour (from Italy and not only) car rental in Bolzano can be a convenient solution that allows you to move independently  to every part of the city, without having to depend necessarily by public transport. Rentalup comes to meet these needs by offering a low cost car rental service in Bolzano,ensuring professionalism and experience.

    Between dream and magic: Bolzano show 365 days a year

    Monuments of BolzanoA tourist tour in Bolzano can strart from, so-called elegant salon of city, namely Piazza Walther, the starting point of the nineteenth-century historical town. It is a place easily accessible by car, and that absolutely must be visited from November to December, when it hosts the famous Christmas market, known all over the world. Even in the spring where there are plenty of events that are newsworthy and in May with a crowded flower market. To the east of the square is the Cathedral, while boarding the car and driving away towards the Post you will arrive at the Church of the Dominicans, home to exceptional frescoes by Giotto style. Moving to the south, however, we reach the Church of the Capuchins, in Baroque style. Once back in the car, take away and Goethe, turning away of the exhibition, you can see Menz Palace and Palace Campofranco, historical legacy of past illuminated the city. And again, you can not remain indifferent to the beauty of Piazza delle Erbe, that for more than seven hundred years includes the market for fruit and vegetables, the extraordinary charm of street Streiter, with medieval walls and the moat, and the vitality of the street of Portici, with palaces decorated with arches alternating with upscale shops and modern. In practice, modernity and tradition, modernity and history come together with outstanding results in this pearl of South Tyrol, at the same time the home of tastes, smells and art. How can we forget, the kitchen of Bolzano? With the rented car you can venture into restaurants and quaint farmhouses (a curiosity: the best and most affordable are usually found in the most inaccessible and difficult to reach, so the use of the machine is almost mandatory), to try the lambchocolate, apples, pies, strudels and other pastries typical of the place. After that,you can always drive along the curves of the hills of the place, admiring the scenery and enjoying a panoramic view, especially at night, has no equal in any other part of the world.

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