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    Rental Camper and Car Tuscany - Car Hire and Tuscany

    Originally called Etruria, that is, land inhabited by the Etruscans, Tuscany is one of the Italian regions with one of the highest historical and cultural content.

    In Tuscany there are nine airports, from which you can discover the beauties of 'ancient Etruria. RentalUp allows you to rent a car in each of these sites, for maximum freedom of movement and be able to visit both the coast and the interior of the region.


     Florence is the birthplace of Italian culture

    Old Bridge florenceThe capital, Florence, is the center of history, culture and also of the economic - administrative.

    For those arriving at the Peretola airport to reach the city the best way is to rely on RentalUp, which is in the airport in Florence offers a variety of rental services for every need.

    The city has a history carved in every corner, evidence of the passage in different historical periods and the care dedicated to her by the many families who have reigned over the years.

    To the north and east, Tuscany is surrounded by the Apennine Mountains, which give the possibility to the lovers of nature and beautiful landscapes, leaving gaze to wander and the objective of the camera to capture the corners and unique details found in this island. RentalUp gives you the option of hire a car in Florence or for those who arrive by plane, there are several ways to book the car rental from Peretola, where you need to visiting the famous Maremma, which is the largest plain in the region.

    The coastal part is bathed in part by the Ligurian Sea and in part by the Tyrrhenian Sea, characterized by sandy beaches.Worth visiting the seven main islands of the archipelago, among which we mention the island of Elba, Capraia and Pianosa.

    Pisa, the city of the Leaning Tower

    PisaDo not forget to visit the city of the Leaning Tower. With RentalUp, take a rental car in Pisa will be the easiest and fastest way to visit the old city, which in addition to the famous tower, is full of other places of interest such as monuments, museums and all the architecture. A major point of arrival to Pisa is the airport Galileo Galilei. This is very well connected with domestic and international destinations. So before you land you just need to hire a car at the airport of Pisa.

    RentalUp allows for a more free in a large city, rent a scooter, maybe electric, leaving the car in the parking area away from the hustle of the city center.

    Siena and its famous Palio

    SienaHorse lovers and folk traditions,you must to visit Siena, especially during the period when the Palio is celebrated. The carousel horse race between the various districtsif Siena in Piazza del Campo,where it takes place according to the ancient medieval tradition, and attracts many tourists and curious. To experience the city the best you can hire a car in Siena with RentalUp. Building dating back to 1200, the castle of Monteriggioni by people of Siena,it was built by order of the mayor, and still is a destination for many visitors, both for the place in which it was built and for the particular way in building a fortress.


    The harbor of Livorno

    livornoRentalUp in Livorno welcomes the visitor to the descent of the ship, as in all the ports of the region, in order to have maximum freedom in the choice of destination, and the maximum range of movement. So for a tour around the city you just need to hire a car in Livorno to see all the landscapes of the province. Natures lovers can take turns in the middle of a wonderful landscape of the Abetone Pass, which leads to all 'height of about 1400 meters. Tuscany, also has the particularity to have a desert area, the desert Accona, in fact, covers about 150 square kilometers. Those who love the colors of the carnival, have met in Viareggio, one of the most famous carnival celebrations in Italy. Then in the evening when you stop driving, no one forbids us to enjoy a good glass of Chianti wine.