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    Veneto car rental - cheap hire Camper and Vans in Veneto

    Veneto is ready to impress with its nature capable of giving great emotions thanks to the peaks of the Dolomiti, the beaches of the Po and delta and the beautiful Lake Garda. its countless cultural,artistic and naturalistic itineraries, wich will transport you to discover the most enchanting and remote in every season of the year. Art cities, hills, mountains, lagoons and lakes, the Veneto has a natural and historical importance due to the 6 protected natural areas, Verona and  unforgettable Venice.

    Venice, the city of dreams

    veniceWe invite you to discover the richness of the region Veneto, with a rental car in Venice, there are three main points of arrival by plane in the Veneto. If you land in Venice you can pick up a rental car at the airport Venice Marco Polo.The airport is located a few kilometers from the city. After visiting the Lagoon of Mestre and Chioggia you can leave your car in one of the garages in Piazza Roma, at the entrance in the city of Venice and from there continue your journey on foot.

    Treviso, sports, and arts

    TrevisoMany low cost travelers to Venice, in recent years,have preferred to get in Veneto through at the airport of Treviso. This airport is located 3 km from the city and has experienced a profound change after 2007 that took him from small local and private airport to a international airport with more than 2 million passengers a year thanks to the strengthening of the partnership with the Venice Airport for which the operator SAVE, also bought a significant share of this airport. If your travel plans to pick up your rental car at the airport of Treviso you can choose to begin your journey to the north into the "green heart" of the Veneto or you can go directly to Venice, which is just over 20 km. For all those who wish to visit the city, you can, at low cost prices,to rent a car in Treviso, choosing from a wide range of models.

    Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet

    Verona the city of loversIn Veneto itineraries guided by cultural interests may be infinite abundance of historic signs and art, however, to grasp the ideas most striking your itinerary can not exclude Verona. Verona is easily accessible from major cities in Italy and in Europe through the daily flights landing at the airport Verona Villafranca. If you decide to take advantage of a car rental at the airport Verona Villafranca first head to the Val Policella to know the hills, home to vineyards which produce excellent wines. For lovers of nature suggest a view to Molina falls, the bridge of Veja and the Botanical Park. To visit the city of "Romeo and Juliet",, offers competitively prices on car rental in Verona.