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    Padua Central Railway Station Car Rental

    When we talk about Veneto from a tourist point of view, we soon think of Venice, but, actually, there are other cities that deserve to be visited and one of them certainly is Padua: city rich in architectonical and historic beauties which hosts one of the largest squares in the world.

    Would you like to move in the surroundings of Padua and do you not know how to do? The car rental at Padua Station will allow you to move in tranquillity.

    Padua Station Car Rental

    Some curiosities about Padua Station

    Padua Station, called Padua Main Station to distinguish it from the less important ones that are in the territory of the city, is not far from the centre and exactly about 1 km far from there.

    Its opening dates back to the early XIX century, precisely in 1842, even though what we see today is the result of substantial modernisation work, carried out during the last century.

    Concerning the connections, we must say that Padua Station is along the railway line Milan – Venice and that it connects the Venetian town to destinations such as Milan, Bologna and Venice.

    Prato Square

    The must-visit places during a vacation in Padua

    After having picked your rental car up directly at Padua Station, thanks to the service offered by RentalUp, you can start to discover the city.

    Too often underestimated by those tourists who prefer to visit Venice, Padua actually has much to offer in every respect.

    If you would like to discover the beauties of Padua, you can start from Scrovegni Chapel, that from the outside looks a not interesting building, hides an unforgettable beauty and the most beautiful cycle of frescoes in the world by Giotto, who took only two years to complete the work.

    The Basilica of Sant’Antonio is very interesting, too. It is the most important religious place in Padua and is characterised by the presence of different architectonical styles, results of various interventions over the years.

    Talking about the symbols of the city of Padua, the attention must go to Palazzo della Ragione, built in the early XIII century, that once hosted some frescoes by Giotto, which have sadly been lost after a fire in the early XV century.

    Padua has much to offer also from the point of view of the museum: it is enough to think, for example, of the Archaeological Museum and of the Medieval and Modern Art Museum. Lastly, before leaving the city, it is worth to take time to visit also the Cathedral of Padua, whose project saw the involvement of the genius of Michelangelo.

    Whether it is for a vacation, for business or other, having a vehicle to move in autonomy is always convenient. Booking it online in, you can take advantage of the car rental service at Padua Station.

    Signori Square