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    Car Rental Treviso - Cheap hire car Treviso

    the city of TrevisoTreviso is a city steeped in the harmony of the plain, but surrounded by the Alps, from the forests of Montello and the hills of Prosecco, in a truly enchanting. Treviso and surroundings offer visitors palaces, ancient villages, churches, museums and really nice. To enjoy peace of mind with the artistic and cultural heritage, for those who arrive by train or plane, it is absolutely necessary to have a car rental in Treviso. The province of Veneto has a lot car rental agencies, especially in the center, close to the station, where tourists can go directly to collect the car, after having booked, if desired, the first online, then head to the beauty of the city.

    wonders of Treviso

    monument of TrevisoParticularly appreciated is the medieval cathedral, with its seven domes, the Romanesque baptistery, which dates back to the eleventh century-twelfth century, the municipal buildings of Piazza dei Signori, the medieval flavor, such as the Loggia dei Cavalieri, the Palazzo del Podestà with the Civic Tower and the Palace of the fourteenth century, the painted facades of ancient buildings, with scenes from mythology and geometric lines; among the many museums to visit the museum of archeology, paleontology of South America and the Ethnographic the Indians of Venezuela, the sixteenth-century walls, surrounded by a green oasis of peace and picturesque islets, in which flow channels: a contest to fable which once served to defend the city against predators, and the painted facades of ancient buildings, with scenes from mythology and fantasy geometric lines. For those traveling by plane and do not want to miss the villages and towns of historical importance in the province, you can rent a car at the airport Sant'Angelo, Via Noalese in the various agencies that offer an efficient and profitable , with very cheap price. From here you can easily start a tour of the province, you can admire the pretty medieval towns and the vineyards of the Prosecco, to the places that have made the most recent history, such as Vittorio Veneto and the area of Piave. The nearby Castelfranco Veneto, for example, is a medieval fortified town whose historical center is surrounded by brick, moats, towers and walls that are still preserved perfectly. In the chapel of the Cathedral you can admire works by Giorgione in Castelfranco that had its birth. Not far from Castelfranco Veneto Villa Emo is a masterpiece of Palladio. Worth a visit even Asolo and Conegliano. The first is called "the Heaven of the romantic", with its fortress Rocca, historic villas, the picturesque narrow streets, gardens scented. Conegliano is a medieval town that rests on a hill topped by a castle and home of the painter Giambattista Cima, here is the oldest school of viticulture. Worthy of tourist visit are the Monastery of Follina and the Sacrario di Nervesa della Battaglia.